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    Discuss aspects of the community itself and talk about the people and ideas that make this place work.
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  • This Forum
    What's going on with the forums? Check here for updates and ask your questions.
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  • Community Projects
    Got a project? Want some help, ideas, advice, or just want to get the word out? This is your place.
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  • General N
    Babble about your incredible affections of ninja puzzle platformers here.
    Moderators: raigan, Mare
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  • Mapping
    Discuss N mapping theory, N maps, and other aspects of map-making.
    Moderators:  yahoozy, PALEMOON
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  • N v1.4
  • N v1.4
    Talk about the classic version of Metanet Software's amazingly popular freeware platformer right here!
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    Talk about the website.
    Moderator: Rose
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  • Highscores & Contests (Nv1.4)
    Are you a rad N player or want to put some rad N players to the test? Talk about your skills and challenge each other at N in this forum.
    Moderators: TheRealOne, EddyMataGallos
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  • Mappacks
    Share and discuss your N map releases in this forum.
    Moderator: zoasBE
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  • NReality
    Talk about Unreality's Dronie winning N 1.4 mod, NReality, here!
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    2015.12.24 (02:48)
  • Troubleshooting (Nv1.4)
    Need help getting the classic version of the ninja game to work? Ask here. Find a bug? Tell us here.
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  • N v2
  • N+
    Do you own a copy of Metanet Software's console and handheld title? If so, talk about it here!
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  • N++
    Talk about the smooth, the colorful, the brand new N++ for the PS4.
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  • Discussion
    Talk about whatever is on your mind, if it doesn't go anywhere else.
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  • Fun & Games
    Play messageboard games, do silly question-and-answer things, and just waste some time with your fellow forum-goers. Post count does not accumulate. No pie allowed.
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  • Music
    Share and discuss music, artists, and the audiophile culture.
    Moderator: Rose
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  • Images
    Share and discuss your images, image-editing techniques, and artworks.
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  • Webcomics
    Create, share, and discuss the community's popular webcomics.
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  • Debate
    Debate serious and interesting topics, rant about politics or pop culture, or otherwise converse in essay form about your opinions. The rules of conduct here are a little stricter.
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  • PC & Console Gaming
    Talk about gaming culture and other aspects of PC and console games and systems.
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  • Tabletop Gaming
    Discuss, create, and theorize about roleplaying games, tabletop games, board games, and other non-electronic interactive entertainments. Run dedicated or complex forum games here, also.
    Moderator: ℎalifax
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  • Technology & Programming
    Talk about computers, hardware, applications, and consumer electronics.
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  • Entertainment
    Discuss entertainment media here, including TV, cinema, the Internet, books and literature, and other non-musical works or multimedia productions.
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