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Postby Sunset » 2012.04.15 (21:33)

Snuggletummy wrote:Damn, it's been a while since I've updated this, and I apologize for that. College has been kind of a bastard lately, and when I WANT to update this, I can never feel the urge to. Not because I loathe showing off great games, but moreso because I'm too afraid that I'll just start becoming repetitive in terms of describing things.

Oh well, enough of my whining...

Nitronic Rush

Have you ever thought, "Hey, I wish there was a game that used Tron-esque visuals, involved a lot of loops, deadly situations, dodging, flying, and all around badassery." If not, then you're probably one of the millions of people to whom have Erectile Dysfunction, and I apologize for your loss.


To the rest of you, however, look no further, for this game.. is the shit. I mean, you don't even need any description of it, because look at the fucking screenshot, it's so pretty and so forth. Also, I mean, I've played the game, I played it when it first came out, and I may have to reinstall it because the creators (Who are from Digipen, Gods..) have apparently updated it quite a bit and added a nice slew of various things to the mix, so it'll keep you interested.

Even the website is gorgeous

I guess I should tell you that the game is also Windows Only.

Marble Arena 2

Now, I know that at least one of you have played Sauerbraten at one point in your lives right? Don't answer that, because most of you will say yes. Anyway, this game's engine is based on the Sauerbraten engine, meaning, it's a very vibrant and beautifully crafted game. Basically, you are a marble, and you have to do various different tasks on each level. This can be from collecting X amount of stars (Which is in a lot of the levels) or destroying various AI controlled marbles. The game features an RPG-esque quality, mostly because you can increase the stats of your marble, such as (But not limited to) Jump height, handling, and ball size. To top it all off, the game features 10 powerups, ranging from your average ball boosting powerup, to one that turns your ball into a spiked ball (Killing everything instantly on impact).


What's more is that the game also features multiplayer, and while I haven't actually gotten around to playing with it yet, I mean, the game already has so much already, so I imagine multiplayer is JUST as fun, if not more fun.


Good News Everyone! This game is available for Window, Linux, AND Mac.


Sorry for only including two games this time, but I figure that these two are fairly amazing games, so they should offer a bit of time to screw with them/play them. You know, because Quality over Quantity, right?

Definitely interested in the Nitronic Rush. Will look into.

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Postby LorantBlant » 2018.01.09 (09:41)

Paradox wrote:A Puzzle-Horror with 3D graphics, http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/adve ... hich/1523/

"The game requires at least 'Windows XP' and 'Pixel Shader 2.0' to work.
(ATI Radeon R420 (X700-X850) or Nvidia GeForce FX series)

The zip file contains 3 executable lucky ladys charm 777 com files:
"Which-Lo.exe" - Low graphics for better performance.
"Which-Hi.exe" - Normal graphics, but may be considerably slow.
"Which-3D.exe" - Stereoscopic 3D in Red/Cyan format."
Thanks for the link!

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