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Postby Luminaflare » 2009.06.21 (17:41)

These are just going to be rules that are only needed in this forum.

  • No console wars, if you want to discuss which console is better or worse post in this thread.
  • No piracy, this is already mentioned in the main rules but some of you seem to miss that so here it is again.
  • No calling people fanboys (Or fangirls) or fanboyism (Or fangirlism), this will be considered as a form of flame baiting and/or trolling.
  • No calling people noobs/n00bs, it will be considered as a form of flame baiting (And it makes you look stupid too).

Also if you make a topic about something try and put some content in to the first post, it doesn't have to be yours but if it isn't please cite your source(s).

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