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Postby Snuggletummy » 2012.12.10 (18:20)


I'm such a dumbass, here, have some links to the game.

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Steam Users

What IS Rusty Hearts?

Rusty Hearts is a MMO that, unlike other MMOs these days, (The free ones that came before the "Free to Play" fiasco kicked in) doesn't get repetitive as quickly as most of them do. Furthermore, the game plays like one of those classic beat-em-up (Or in the case of this game, "Fuck-em-up") games, minus the ability to pick up items strewn upon the ground and use them as weapons. The game has a story with voice actors and some of the funniest cut-scenes ever placed into a MMO. I mean hell, even the dialogue gets to be pretty damned funny. But besides that, GamingWolf and I play the game a lot, and we would love for some of you to download it, Join the EAST server, and message us in-game.

Secondly, this game has an auction house and while this may be a turn off for some, (Why would it turn you off?) you can, I shit you not, buy some of the cash shop items from the auction house for gold. Meaning, someone spends REAL money on a cash shop item, and they put it up for sale for FAKE money. Then again, you can find cash shop items in the game normally, but whatever.

As a note, I even made a guild in the game and used the name (Kudos to XWD) RustyWorldOrder. The thing about the guilds, however, is that you gain guild experience when you solo/play with other guild members, and while I don't want to sound like an ad of some sort, I would LOVE if you all played it enough to get the guild some needed experience points. Why you ask? Because with enough of them, we can upgrade the guild to level 2, and then we'll have a warehouse where everyone can store all their useless shit/materials/money/dead hookers (Batters Not Included).

Now, to save your eyes (Or possibly imprison them, I'm not sure as to which you prefer) I'm going to lay upon you some screenshots. There's a good chance that they'll be large, but I dislike re-sizing things because I am a lazy bastard.


Yes, I am in a bear suit, and yes, that is a little girl. What happened next isn't important (Nothing happened)

Ok, sorry, it's only ONE image, but if you stick around, I'll give you a good image at the end. (And also a video up next)

Here is a gameplay video I made last night. It contains some language and the lots of ruffling of a Bugles bag

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Here is a picture of flag with his friends (He is on the far right)

See that dude with the freaky smile? I did what you all wanted someone to do.


Have fun with those nightmares.

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