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Postby lenghwar4e » 2013.03.30 (18:23)

I just thought about making a thread about N's episodes and columns difficulty.Here, the players which completed the game shall post their own difficulty meter for each episode and for an entire column( eg: episode 00->2/10 difficulty points;ep 01....| 1st column-> 4/10 difficulty points and so on).
I hope this new topic will help the new players decide which episodes/columns they should play first (it would be great if you could give advice about this too).
I thank every player who will post helpful information here.

P.S. as this is actually a matter of opinion, you can consider this a debate if you want and say what episodes/columns were harder in your view..
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Postby judithjames » 2017.12.28 (10:28)

So have you found the solution? Because I have the similar problem
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