First ever level posted on NUMA?

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Postby Vanquish » 2012.10.02 (12:23)

ive been looking at some really old ngame levels, by that i mean from the 2005-2006 era, and i was wondering if anyone actually knows what the very first map posted on NUMA is/was. it would be really cool to check it out. if anyone could post a link or something, that would be awesome!

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Postby zoasBE » 2012.10.02 (12:59)

This was very easy guy! All maps on NUMA are sorted chronologically, you can search any number map.
You need learn about the code editon on the NUMA's urls and about the NUMA Hacking. You can find info about this in n wikia

On a side note, two things, the first map of NUMA called Pinball is from Arachnid the creator of NUMA.
And you should have put this topic in the sub-forums for
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Postby Ors » 2012.10.06 (08:25)

I think it´s one of my favorite maps. (not in favorite list) Pin ball-n made addicted because there was so fun tubes and all. My first is Spin race1.
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