Can you make a tribute level to 'Madness Combat'

Talk about the classic version of Metanet Software's amazingly popular freeware platformer right here!
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Postby james_S » 2013.07.24 (00:55)

Hi, I'm James -new here.. If you haven't heard of Madness Combat I do recommend you check it out on youtube etc, its a sort of animation series plus there is a game. I think its great and I think it would also suit N game a bit its also grey and full of repetitive dying (heh). I was thinking of making a series of levels for each main character eg. Jesus, Hank Wimbeldon etc but I'm not like highly artistic and pretty new to making levels. So if you like the sound of this and would like to make such a level, I'd love to see it made! I couple of ideas beyond using mines for the red sort of sunglasses.

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