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Postby bugz » 2014.08.04 (01:30)

Have you ever wanted to make a DDA, but didn't think you could?

Try using the Thwump: the coolest enemy-object in N. Let's play!

First, load this map in the editor:

Code: Select all

[email protected]00110000100000>[email protected]>D0>1111114000F?QQQL0000N000000111400000>01G00FN1000001111111100>[email protected]>10001111111PN119000000000001111111111100011P0N1000100000000110001000N1000100000100110100000N10001000111101502400N0N10001000150001000210N0N10001003100001000010C0>100011001000010000101001000100010000100001010010001000100001000010100100KM000100F0100F010000100I000010000100001000010000000100001000010000100H000010000100001OO00100JL00010F0010F001QQ00100010001[email protected]1111100001000011101100000001000000000111011|5^96,564!8^24,564,2!8^72,384,3!9^132,564,0,0,5,23,1,-1,0!8^23,335,1!8^215,168,0!8^191,192,0!9^84,132,1,0,6,7,1,0,-1!7^54,444,3!7^90,444,3!8^174,383,1!8^192,383,1!8^210,383,1!7^180,252,1!7^204,276,2!7^204,312,2!7^204,348,2!9^180,276,0,0,9,11,1,-1,0!9^204,276,0,0,9,11,1,0,0!7^300,288,2!8^300,575,1!0^42,564!0^72,402!8^312,516,0!8^288,420,2!0^294,516!0^306,420!8^372,468,NaN!9^372,492,0,0,15,15,1,-1,0!8^660,503,1!9^660,468,0,0,15,15,1,0,0!8^468,384,0!8^708,384,2!8^468,263,0!8^708,263,2!8^503,468,0!8^372,263,3!8^479,132,2!12^132,192!12^144,156!12^156,192!0^468,366!0^708,402!9^540,372,1,0,31,13,1,0,-1!9^636,396,1,0,31,13,1,0,0!9^540,252,0,0,16,12,1,0,0!9^636,276,0,0,16,12,1,-1,0!8^468,191,0!8^708,191,2!8^216,60,2!8^240,84,2!0^234,60!0^240,66!11^684,60,276,60!7^84,468,3
The first thwump you'll encounter is stuck in the left wall. (I put gold beside a thwump to show that it's NOT code-edited.) Run into it and watch.

You'll open the locked door from the "wrong side" and get boosted up. Reset the map and try it without the locked door. Use other tile shapes for different effects.

Continue to the next thwump. Naturally, you'll get pushed through the oneways. You can replace the lower oneway with something else. Getting the hang of it? Climb up the slope to find the first edited thwump.

This thwump is also stuck in the left wall. But it travels upwards! Unlike normal thwumps, it's been EDITED. Superthwump DNA:

Code: Select all

Click for code explained

"8"=thwump, "23" is the x-coordinate (left-right, with most left being 0 and most right being 700+), "335" is the y-coordinate (height, with 0 being the ceiling and 576+ being the floor), and "1"=thwump faces down (2=left, 3=up, 0=right).

So what has been edited here?
An example normal thwump would be:

Code: Select all

Our superthwump is 1 more pixel "into the wall" (24-1=23) and 1 pixel higher (336-1=335)! If you use the right wall or other tiles, just 1 pixel higher will do.

Test your skills! Paste this at the end of the map code and make a superthwump!

Code: Select all

Click for answer


Reload the original map if you've made a mess.

Now that we've mapped out our thwump DNA, let's take a ride to the top. Too narrow? Delete the 5-tiles in the way.

Slide down to face the mines. Superthwump will save us.

Code: Select all

Yes, they're 1 pixel away from each tile. (216-1=215, 192-1=191)

Remember the first thwump in the map? Facing left and we didn't need to edit it. We have to edit right-facing ones though. That's just how the game works.

Superthwump guides us under a random locked door, past the mines, and into the next room.

It's a 3-in-1 thing! You'll get pushed against a oneway into a semicircle-wall, strengthened with a oneway that's trapped in a small square. Without it the impact would kill.

Slide down. A little thwump-gold action here. (Not covered in this guide.)

Meet the NaN'd thwump.

Code: Select all

NaN=not a number
It doesn't move at all. Its deadly side is on the right now.

The next 2 edited thwumps are the same as the superthwumps we've met - only without a "home-wall"! They've been edited to let you in.

Get out of that room and into the 3rd-last-stage!

3 pairs of thwumps facing each other? The lower pair shows how normal thwumps go through certain walls.
The middle pair of thwumps have been edited - 1 pixel higher. See how they go through the other walls?
The top pair is edited the same way as the middle pair. Climb to the top!

On the way you'll avoid 2 thwumps that look stuck.
Really? Click me!

No. They've been edited 1 pixel higher, and 1 pixel left-wards respectively. Just to show that you don't have to edit TILES to let a thwump through.

Thwumps 23 and 24, no edits, will send you off.

That's all folks!

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