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Postby zoasBE » 2015.01.20 (22:22)

Since this awesome thing:
I'm opening this Thread to people can propose their own ideas for cards/rules to perhaps them could be included in the deck of cards to be shuffled each time you tempt fate and use the awesome tool created by sidke and PALEMOON. I'm starting this with a short proposal of 5 new cards (don't know if already exists something similar or where to place them, if minor or major arcana, but this of course requires supervision) of five mapping ideas/restrictions that could be super interesting to have. It would be awesome if the managers take this into account and give their views, and in the case of choosing new cards, tell us which of them were choosed.

The Escapist: You must include a prisoner'esque part in your map (from the start, anywhere or at the end, you choose) and you must to use blue drones for this. You can also make your map prisoner-like as a whole.
Vertigo: Focus on launchpads as almost the only way to move around, or at least, a primary way of moving on the map. You can use as many launchpads as you need.
Locomotive Smoke: You must include a train of blue drones of at least 7 of them which moves in an ingenious way most of the map from here to there and constantly interfere with the gameplay.
Rocket Man: Your Ninja must be propelled at the very beginning by any propulsion system invented, thwumps, bounce blocks, gold delay, whatever.
Terrarium: Focus on creating with your tiles a map with a layered cave'ish sense, like if it were an ant farm per example. And for this you will create something on the surface. The playable area may be either or both.

(I don't really know if these were well expressed, of course them could be better expressed with a proofread by a manager or a native)
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