Download an author's full nmaps archive?

Talk about the website.

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Postby fingersonthefrets » 2015.04.26 (14:10)

Hey guys,

I remember there being a way to download full archives of an author. I think I may have found the old way here, but it has since gone down.

Seeing go down, made me want to have something to hold onto from all the time I've spent with you guys, all the maps I and others have made, etc.

Anyone know of any other quick way to do this?

Hope you're all doing well!

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Postby atomizer » 2015.04.28 (18:04)

Yeah, since sidke made that site, nobody duplicated that functionality as far as I know. But, I know that he has full nmaps data backed up (including comments), so maybe he'll set it up again. Also, if you didnt notice the global announcement, nmaps is still alive at

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