3-tile // a ReTile contest (Sign ups open until 20 April!)

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Postby origami_alligator » 2019.04.13 (23:39)

3-Tile // a ReTile Contest

Welcome, one and all, to my third retile contest! I would like to thank each and every one of you that signs up for this. If you are planning on participating, it is important that you read this post thoroughly, as there is a lot of important information. Retiling is a unique mapping experience that challenges each person to think about utilizing objects in a different way. It is my favorite style of mapping and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do. I look forward to all of the interesting and weird maps that you all create! And now, on to the important stuff...

In order to participate in this contest, please contact me through one of two methods: through Discord (my username is southpaw) or by commenting here. Once you have signed up, please adhere to the rules and procedures below.
  • Each contestant must PM me SIX (6) MAPS from NUMA through Discord or the forums. Each of these maps must adhere to the following rules:
    1. You must have participated in its creation, meaning either you created it or you collaborated on it;
    2. the map cannot be a retile of another map
    Once I have received maps from all participants, I will remove the tiles from each map and create individual paste links for each of them.
  • Each week, contestants will receive a link to an object set from another participant. No two people will receive the same object set throughout the contest, nor will anyone receive an object set from a map they submitted.
  • Each participant will have until [TBA] to create a tileset and submit their maps to NUMA.
  • Once your map is submitted, I will provide a link to the original map. You are asked to provide this link in the description of your map, though it is not a requirement since it will be included as a comment on the map.
  • IMPORTANT: This contest runs for FIVE (5) weeks, and not every object set is easy to retile. Since everyone is submitting 6 maps and this contest runs 5 weeks, if you feel like your object set is impossible to work with you are allowed to exchange the objects you're given for a different object set once during the course of the contest.

There are three (3) rules to retiling:
  1. You may not add, delete or move any objects.
  2. You may not change any objects. (no changing drone pathing, altering object data, etc.)
  3. You may not "remove" objects by covering them up with tiles.
  • Nreality code is STRICTLY BANNED. You may use it as a level editor but you may not use it to add images, alter gameplay mechanics, etc. etc. etc. You will be removed from the contest for doing so.
  • All maps must be tagged "retile". If your map does not contain this tag, your map will not be scored for the week.
  • Failure to submit a map will not remove you from the contest, but you will not receive points for the week.
  • You are allowed to cover objects 50% with tiles. This rule may be fudged slightly if it makes gameplay more compelling, but repeated offenses, especially in the same map, will dock your points. On the rare occasion I'd let this slide, the object must still adhere to the third rule of retiling, and so it must still be visible during gameplay.


Each week, the maps submitted will be scored according to the following rubric:
  • Gameplay (25 points) :: This category scores how well your map plays. Higher scores in gameplay would come from things such as an inventive use of the objects or a memorable moment. Regardless of the small details, it should be something the judges would like to play until they complete it. Part of gameplay is how fun it is to play your map, but also having some satisfaction in being able to complete it.
  • Tileset (25 points) :: This category scores two sides of the same coin. The least important way to score points is how aesthetically pleasing your tileset is. The most important way to score points is how well your tileset interfaces with the objects you are given. A map with an ugly tileset that interfaces with its objects perfectly could score full points, whereas a tileset that just looks pretty and interfaces mediocrely would not necessarily score full points.
  • Subjectiveness (up to 5 points) :: Some maps will not score highly in the above categories, but still be brilliant in other ways. Each judge may award up to 5 additional points to any map they think deserves additional recognition — perhaps for a unique mechanic, a clever challenge, or anything else not already covered by these categories. A map can only receive subjectiveness points if it scores below 40 points, and points awarded in this category cannot cause a map to exceed 40 points.


The Top 3 contestants will each receive one featured map of my favourite of their submissions for this contest. All contestants will receive honorable mentions in a news post on NUMA. These honorable mentions will include a link to your highest scoring maps from this contest, so that everyone can play your best-rated retiles.

Judges - (judge slots are full! thank you to those who signed up and were interested!)
  • origami_alligator
  • yahoozy
  • Aidiera
  • EXTRA JUDGE: script (extra to score the judges maps)
Contestants - (sign-ups are open until 20 April!)
  1. origami_alligator
  2. Tempus_Fugit
  3. yahoozy
  4. jasdanu
  5. ska
  7. DW40
  8. Amibe
  9. ChrisE
  10. Kaylab
  11. DaggaFork
  12. fingersonthefrets
  13. blacklef
  14. Lightning55
  15. Hyteriuxx
  16. script
  17. Spackal
  18. *pending*

This post will be updated throughout the contest. Please check back for the latest results or information.
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Postby  yahoozy » 2019.04.13 (23:59)

I'm in! Wow it's been a while since I typed something in the forum reply box!!!

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Postby ska » 2019.04.14 (05:05)

Fuck it. Count me in! Please also PM me when the contest begins. (In fact, you should PM and Discord DM everyone when it starts.)

After thinking for a little bit, I'll sign up but only as a contestant.
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Postby ChrisE » 2019.04.14 (18:32)

This contest combines two of my favourite things - mapping and not having to do all of the work!

Count me in :D

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Postby Tempus » 2019.04.17 (06:54)

forums? what are forums????

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Postby DaggaFork » 2019.04.17 (18:15)

i'm in

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Postby aids » 2019.04.17 (19:49)

Put me in coach. I wanna judge.


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