I can't add user levels- Mac version

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Postby N_infinity_N » 2009.08.19 (00:54)

I've tried adding user levels to N on my mac, but whenever i try to add one to userlevels.txt it won't let the .txt be modified. When i try to add a level to userlevels.txt then try to save it to userlevels.txt it says,

The file "userlevels.txt" is read-only. Attempt to overwrite?

it gives you the options "Overwrite" or "Don't Overwrite" and i click "Overwrite".

then it says "Couldn't save document as 'userlevels.txt.' in folder 'n_v1mac'.

I've already made sure the level was typed in correctly so i know that incorrect typing is not my problem.

Any ideas on how to fix this is appreciated.



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Postby Tunco » 2009.08.19 (07:19)

Are you sure you are saving right place in userlevels.txt?

You should paste the level data below the line.


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Postby 29403 » 2009.08.19 (22:59)

Make sure the userlevels has a .txt extension on it, and not rtf. Rename the file as 'userlevels.txt' exactly, place it in the same folder as N, and enjoy!

Actually... I think you'd be better off making a new one. Just place '&userdata=' and place all the data under that line. Remember that it should be called userlevels.txt and is in the same folder as N.
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Postby N_infinity_N » 2009.08.20 (01:29)

I actually solved my problem before reading your replies but thanks for the suggestions anyways guys. What i did was i made a new folder on my desktop and just copied all the information and "N" from the original "N" folder onto it (Which is pretty much exactly what you suggested 29403). Than since it's my folder i can change anything in it i want without any problems.



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Postby otters » 2009.09.02 (14:14)

The problem here is that the dmg can't be modified, as I suppose it belongs to Metanet Software, or something. If you download the .sit version of N, you can modify it to your heart's content.

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