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Postby meow0369 » 2009.08.19 (07:45)

ok so i was happily starting up n game v14 when all of a sudden i found all my flavours gone and so i checked my levels and found that everything was gone and that my save file was also delited searched for it no hope :( and i only had the last episode till i was done all episodes on everything on the game and then i would have all flavours anyone be able to make me and pm me a sav file with all done and all episodes but the last done im not happy that it is gone and hope i get it back thx

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Postby Tunco » 2009.08.19 (09:01)

Apparently, your .sol file is deleted.


Btw, it's illegal to distribute a copy of .sol file, so back-up next time, there is nothing we can do for you.


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