N+ for Xbox360 bug

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Postby FlyingPenguin03 » 2010.08.08 (15:13)

I've beaten episode 08 in coop campaign three times. Not once has it saved and unlocked episode nine. The leaderboards still say that I have beaten episode 08 but when I go to play episode nine it says it is locked since I haven't beaten episode 08. I've beaten 3 times over xbox live with my friend. It saved and allows him to play episode 09 but it won't let me. I was even the host. Can someone help me with this problem?

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Postby xaelith » 2010.09.19 (13:40)

Are you quitting to the main menu before you exit the game? I know I had this problem several times with the single-player campaign, and forced myself into the habit of quitting to the main menu before turning off my console. Also, maybe try waiting for 2-3 seconds in 9-0 before exiting.

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