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Postby scythe » 2013.10.23 (01:12)

There are a couple of cases in my library where two (or more) artists have written a song with the same name:

Angel -- by Jimi Hendrix, by Massive Attack, and by My Bloody Valentine, also Angels -- by the xx and by Clams Casino/Max Miller

Heaven -- by O.A.R, by Widespread Panic, by Ssion

Intro -- by Bonobo, by Sigur Rós, and by the xx (maybe this shouldn't count?)

Untitled -- by Half Hearted Hero, by Neutral Milk Hotel, and by Seryn (oddly, Seryn, whom you've never heard of, wrote the best one)

Echoes -- by Pink Floyd and by Washed Out

Evil -- by the Flaming Lips and by Muddy Waters

Days to Come -- by Bonobo and by Seven Lions

Come as You Are -- by Nirvana and by the String Cheese Incident

America -- by Yes/Simon&Garfunkel and by Stephen Lynch (a comedy song but a good one)

Money -- by Pink Floyd and by The Trashmen, also Money Money by the Grateful Dead

In the Flesh -- by Pink Floyd and by Pink Floyd, goddamnit Waters, why do you do this?

Motherfucker -- by Godspeed You! Black Emperor and by Godspeed You! Black Emperor (seriously)

September in Tomelilla -- by the Cool Quartet with Éric la Casa, by the Cool Quartet with Éric la Casa, and by the Cool Quartet with Éric la Casa (seriously?!)

Prelude -- by Above and Beyond and by Bonobo (maybe this shouldn't count, also Bonobo wins the Uncreative Award)

Stay -- by Mint Julep and by Pretty Lights

Wake Up -- by Arcade Fire and by Wiz Khalifa

When You Sleep -- by CAKE and by My Bloody Valentine

A few obvious ones (Prelude, Intro, Untitled) and a few surprises (Days to Come, When You Sleep) and an amazing five songs named Angel or Angels. I didn't include different versions of the same song (e.g. the Allman Brothers' Hoochie Coochie Man as well as Muddy Waters's) or different parts of the same song (Another Brick In The Wall, Shine On You Crazy Diamond) but I did exclude parentheticals of the form (feat. Fiora) where they clearly aren't part of the song name.

Any others?
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Postby sidke » 2013.10.23 (01:35)

Adaptation -- Black Sun Empire, Pain on Creation

Alchemy -- Above & Beyond, NumberNin6

All I Need -- Colourz, Clams Casino, CLSM

All I Need Is Music -- she, 3rd Coast

Another Day -- Telepopmusik, Victor Ronda y Albert TT

Antidote -- Hedj, Proktah & Future Signal

Basket Case -- Green Day, Vegas

Coming Home -- Way Out West, Perfect Blind, Shox & Hase

Dance With Me -- Latin Impact, Blue Blood, Hixxy & Re-Con, Sy & Unknown, Control

Lost In Time -- Goku, Entity & CLSM & Lawlzy

there are a lot of these. i scrolled randomly past the a's and then i stopped at the d's.
if i had all my music on me and not in google play i would write a script to compile a list of these.

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Postby M4xwell » 2013.10.23 (02:04)

Alone Tonight - by Above & Beyond and Genesis
Jaded - by Aerosmith and Deadmau5
Bipolar - by Day 26 and Mat Zo
Brazil - by Frank Sinatra and Deadmau5
Carry Me Home - by The Killers and Grant Smillie Ft. Zoe Badwi
Closer - by Nine Inch Nails and Deadmau5
Creep - by Deadmau5, Radiohead, and Stone Temple Pilots

Post more later.
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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2013.10.23 (07:35)

When I saw the title of this topic I was thinking more along the lines of So What.


These are pretty common. Even limiting it to three or more I got bored after the As.

All I Need is a popular one. Adding on to sidke's three I can also offer Caroline, Jay-Z, Matchbox Twenty, My Bloody Valentine, and Radiohead.
All My Friends - Broken Social Scene, LCD Soundsystem, Pavement
Animal - SNSD, R.E.M., The Men
Antenna - Kraftwerk, The Church, Zion I
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