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La historia me absolverá
La historia me absolverá
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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2014.06.25 (16:00)

Many of my classic captcha comics and thirty minute comics have succumbed to link rot, so in the interests of nostalgic narcissism I'm reuploading them and anthologising them here. Unexpurgated and also including Flickr comics, guest submissions for LORAH, and a couple of things for an InsomNicon. On closer inspection, Fire Danger has also suffered, so I'll do those too.

~ the assorted maestro anthology ~

~ the old fire danger anthology ~

~ the complete new fire danger ~

I don't necessarily want to devote a thread to myself, so if anyone else happens to have their own stuff collected somewhere maybe put it here too?
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Postby Vyacheslav » 2014.06.25 (17:42)

Most LORAH comics are on here.

Someone should backup all of Yanni's comics. They're wonderful.

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