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Postby t̷s͢uk̕a͡t͜ư » 2011.01.10 (00:03)

mediate wrote:I love how you are dropped to CLI in login. I wish more distros did that.

This is doable with just about any distro by changing the default runlevel in /etc/inittab.
Runlevel 5 is usually the default for distros that like to present you with a login manager first thing.
Runlevel 3 presents you with a getty (the "CLI login", as you call it), instead. If you want X, you have to log in and run startx.
(Runlevel 6 is reboot, and runlevel 0 is halt.)

mediate wrote:Favorite is Slackware as they include fortune on login.

This is also doable with any distro.
Make sure the bsd-games package is installed (or whichever package has fortune in it), and then stick a call to fortune in your .bash_profile file (or .zlogin for zsh, or .login for csh or tcsh, or whatever).
Alternatively, put it in /etc/profile to enable it for all users regardless of shell.
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