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Postby Universezero » 2011.08.29 (05:52)

So, I'm in the market for a new headset. This new headset will have three functions: first, I will use it for communications during games, obviously. Second, I wish to use it to listen to general music and the such. Third, (since I make music) I want to be able to produce with it, so it'll need to have very good sound quality. The $30 headset I have at the moment fills the first requirement and some of the second, but definitely not the third. I want something with great sound quality, noise cancelling; just a headset that (without the microphone) would still be a fantastic pair of headphones.

In addition, having a fold-down mic and a USB connection would be preferable, for personal reasons. At the moment, the headset that fills every requirement (and beyond that) is this one: the Logitech G35 Surround Sound Headset. Now, I could just go and buy this one straight away, but the only place in NZ that I've found that stock it sell for NZ$210. So, I was wondering if anyone with headset experience can maybe suggest something of equal value for less, or at least guide me in the right direction to find this one for cheaper.

TL;DR: I need a headset with really good sound quality, comfort, good mic, etc, for a reasonable price. Any ideas?

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Postby  yahoozy » 2011.08.29 (06:00)

I've been using this one for a while now, and it's excellent, especially for the price. G35 is a great product, but probably not worth shelling out 210 New Zealanderoonis.

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