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Postby Rhekatou » 2012.10.15 (07:36)

An n autogenerator I wrote in mainly c with a little bit of c++, converts a bitmap to n object data. Google code page

And no, I'm not lazy, I just don't have a lot of time to fix issues. It wasn't meant to be user friendly, just work. If I ever get around to it, adding 8/16/32bpp support is pretty easy, and mostly integrated. Also, linux compatibility should be achievable by just typedef'ing the required bitmap structs. Image will appear stretched, N's pixel spacing is fucked up or something, idk. Also, people are less likely to spam image maps if it's not convienent.

Sample map:


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Postby Ors » 2012.10.15 (08:05)

What color means what part?

(edit 1.)
It doesn´t work. I can´t even turn it on.
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