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Posted: 2013.09.26 (19:26)
by Can
My first mappack. Happy about this, certainly has some of my best maps in what I feel is a solid pack imo. Feedback is appreciated!


(image by Megan Duncanson)

Pack here:

Re: Rubycon

Posted: 2013.10.22 (22:59)
by Leonidas
Congrats! I haven't played this yet but I am sure it is full of perfection, like your NUMA maps.

Re: Rubycon

Posted: 2013.10.22 (23:41)
by M4xwell
I really enjoyed Red Velvet Corridot. Definitely my favourite of the 14, but other than that, it was a pretty damn fun pack. I hope you make more, man.

Re: Rubycon

Posted: 2017.04.09 (08:53)
by aids
Alright, let's go.

  • After the Funeral // Cool aesthetics, but some of the object placement was poor.
  • All Our Base Are Belong To Them // Hidden enemies aren't always bad, but I didn't like them here. The top was great though; nice mintnut/Yahoozy mix.
  • Backseat Freestyle // With a tweak or two, this map would be perfect. Userlevel'd.
  • Butterfly How Long It Takes To Die // Not gonna fuck with this one.
  • Cativa Process // I liked the drone part but the laser wasn't the best.
  • Central and Remote // Lot of fun. Still nice.
  • Goddess Eyes II // The lasers are hard at times, but man is it satisfying to complete.
  • Half Gate // The difference in gameplay between the top and the bottom was really cool.
  • I Was A Prisoner In Your Skull // This one's super hard.
  • Midnight City // Lots of fun. Pretty too.
  • Red Velvet Corridot // Not as much fun. I don't like the bottom section.
  • Sawdust and Diamonds // Pass. Silly map.
  • Socotra // Pretty tough. Not much fun.
  • The Dead Flag Blues // I liked everything about this map except the gausses.

Here are some demos.