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Postby maya » 2010.04.03 (19:13)

Okay, here it is guys. I've released a few maps so far via the loveheat account on NUMA, but here's the whole column for you.

Pre-release praise;

flag - "Fundamental shit, furry. I especially dig <insert your favorite here>."

(I don't have an outright favourite. Sorry, flag.)

By the way, tell me if there's any corrupted map data. I could have missed one.

Loveheat Column 1 Release.txt
Loveheat Column One.
(68.87 KiB) Downloaded 140 times

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Postby otters~1 » 2010.04.03 (19:18)

00-0: Great beginning, quite stylish as is expected. Your style fits so well into an episodic format, it's uncanny.
00-1: Simple, jagged, pretty. All the jumps flow naturally together. Cool.
00-2: Excellent tiles, smooth gameplay though some of the gold was a reach.
00-3: Good chaingun, and I enjoyed following the slants.
00-4: Princess was in next castle. :(

01-0: Neat little map, lack of objects emphasizes gold mass.
01-1: Generic furry.
01-2: Not-generic furry. Difference between this and the last is the two unique tile structures that molded the action.
01-3: Favorite so far! Not too difficult, but worth replaying a few times.
01-4: Awesome tiles, filler gameplay. Which is fine.

02-0: Weird.
02-1: Good've used a second gauss.
02-2: Sweet map, wish it had been longer.
02-3: Another beaut, slow gameplay.
02-4: One-way path to get back to the door was awesome, cg was confusing.

03-0: No real threats, interesting use of objects though.
03-1: I liked this one but it was annoying.
03-2: Had huge amounts of fun with the top-most 2-tile.
03-3: <3
03-4: Bit boring, good interior.

04-0: Pretty filler.
04-1: More pretty filler, but it's -really- pretty.
04-2: Pretty episode, so far. This one cried out for some thwumps/normal drones/guasses.
04-3: Now -this- was much more of a rush, while still being hot.
04-4: Oh yeah this. I love this.

05-0: Owl.
05-1: Great map, the beginning's like escaping from jail. Rocket and chain work well together, not too hard.
05-2: Liked how you could use the inner paths or climb along the walls.
05-3: <_< there's a little fucking bug running around on my screen that I keep thinking is a gauss crosshair.
05-4: Cool, easy though.

06-0: Bit more substance here.
06-1: Good tileset, gameplay lacking.
06-2: Much harder, very imposing. Diving into those unprotected nooks had me worried for a minute.
06-3: Pack needs more long maps like da.
06-4: I played this along to "Requiem For A Tower" by Escala and it was fucking amazing. Great map.

07-0: I dropped an epic AGD on this little number's ass.
07-1: Mine-jumper was definitely a nice change-of-pace.
07-2: Easy, but in a different, more high-scoreable way.
07-3: Like freaking Alice In Wonderland -- starring Johnny D.
07-4: Totally expected a kraken or perhaps Davy Jones to jump out at me, way cool.

08-0: This map proved that there's a difference between filler and excellent non-enemy'd boredom. Faved.
08-1: Also super fun, this is picking up the paaaaaaaace.
08-2: <3 (Yeah I know it's a cop out but it's 12:30 and I've been listening to trance stuff for a few hours and I'm starting to wonder if I can last long enough to tell you how much I liked this in person on the morrow. Plus this lengthy shit just ruined my beautiful neat format. AND THIS LEVEL WAS CALLED REFORMAT NOT A COINCIDENCE.)
08-3: Sorry. Took a Coke break, talked to Torex about suicide, got things under control.
08-4: Fucking tense map, I kept slipping down those slippery sides, got the illusion of being in a snake pit. Like either Indiana Jones or The Jungle Book, take your pick.

09-0: My god I had one hell of a run on the first patch of gold, three dead-on cjs in a row, then the rocket got me while I was spacing a little in midair.
09-1: Cool; not what I was expecting for ninth episode, I figured they'd get longer and more crowded.
09-2: Great map, shouldn't have had a one-way under the door though. Loved how the rocket shot right off the bat; gave an instantaneous feel to the whole thing, even though it was far away.
09-3: Great map. Great, great map. Get it to NUMA and I'll feature it. I enjoyed fucking with the cg and having it come around and bite me in the ass, and the rocket was awesomely effective too. Good job.
09-4: Wow. That lone gold out beyond the mine on the upper slant had some balls.


EDIT: Fuck you, forums, I saw the timeout coming and copy/pasted. Get some.
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Postby nevershine » 2010.04.03 (22:59)

I really enjoyed the atmosphere of these maps. It's also interesting how your style merges with other people's styles.

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Postby maya » 2010.04.04 (10:35)

Thanks a lot flag. And nevershine.


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Postby Seneschal » 2010.04.05 (08:17)

First half is cool; I'll get on the second half later and give a better analysis, I promise!

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Postby Rose » 2010.04.08 (02:10)

I just downloaded it; playing through now. The thing that has stuck out to me so far is the consistently good enemy placement. Honestly though, I've only gotten through episodes 0 and 1, and the oneway/mine thing is already getting stale :|

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Postby maya » 2010.04.09 (10:51)

maxson924 wrote:the oneway/mine thing


But yeah, that fades away pretty sharply later on. Hopefully.

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Postby Tunco » 2010.04.09 (15:44)

My favorite maps were Music In the Air, Follow, Point Three, Bloodlight and Skyforest.



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Postby Diamondeye » 2010.04.10 (22:28)

Yum yum yum. Downloaded. Played the first three episodes or so and you're not letting my expectations down. I really like it :)
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Postby el_devo. » 2010.04.10 (22:35)

I've beaten all of the maps except for a select handful, and I have to say that I love the pack <3
After I completely finish It I'll update with what I think the best maps are. The only drawback is echoing in what has already been said, that some parts of your style (i.e. the one-ways + mines) are rather overused. Other than that though, I would have to say that the enemy and gold placement was terrific.

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Postby aids » 2011.07.31 (15:13)

Very nice pack. I hope you make another column.

  • 00-0 Byrja >> Nice opening level. The tiles were a bit rough though.
  • 00-1 Cliff Castl >> Lovely, but it was kinda boring.
  • 00-2 Romance Dies by Candlelight >> I definitely remember this one from NUMA. Really cool gold patterns.
  • 00-3 Stronghold! >> I liked it, but the tiles needed some refining.
  • 00-4 White Kingdom >> Sweet-looking level, but the rocket was not enough.
  • 01-0 Wings >> Pretty level. Gold was bland.
  • 01-1 Stardock Harbour; Dusk >> I liked the layout, and the chaingun was excellent.
  • 01-2 Graveyard Outpost >> Super sparse map. Needed more to it.
  • 01-3 Music in the Air >> Really sloppy gold placement.
  • 01-4 Cavalerie de Feu >> This one was great. Userlevel'd.
  • 02-0 Skyrocket >> That chimney was very nice. I got a good run.
  • 02-1 Peak >> You went overboard with the oneways, but I enjoyed it.
  • 02-2 Skycastle >> The design of the bottom section is really bad. I hated going around the bottom right.
  • 02-3 Cutaway >> Mmmm, loved it. The tiles were perfect.
  • 02-4 To . . . heaven >> I did not like the setup for this. Too haphazard.
  • 03-0 Bloodlight >> Funky map. Didn't like the exit switch location.
  • 03-1 Enigma >> Looked amazing, played like shit. :(
  • 03-2 Broken Lighthouse >> Getting back up the left side was too difficult. Add a bounceblock.
  • 03-3 Capsule >> Meh, played alright, but it wasn't very fun.
  • 03-4 Milotic >> Would've been much better if you had moved the exit switch and trigger closer to the top.
  • 04-0 Point Three >> Hmmm, maybe if the gold was more challenging.
  • 04-1 Sacred Seed Circle >> Besides being cheatable, the gold was not well-placed.
  • 04-2 Root Machinae >> Interesting jumps, but it wasn't very enjoyable.
  • 04-3 Follow >> The rightmost gold was a pain in the ass to get, so I skipped it.
  • 04-4 Mermaid Gate >> The mines were extremely frustrating, but I did like highscoring.
  • 05-0 Delta HH >> Unlike with other things, unnecessary length is a bad thing for maps.
  • 05-1 Coalgate >> Not being able to go from the exit switch area directly to the exit was poor level design.
  • 05-2 Sky Forest >> Looked great, but it was just filler.
  • 05-3 Revolving Doors, Robots and Sexy Maids >> Ehhh, convoluted and not very fun.
  • 05-4 Heart heart heartbreak . . . >> Neither of the enemies were threatening, and it wasn't fun.
  • 06-0 Circles >> Best trapdoor ever. Userlevel'd.
  • 06-1 Observatory >> Another good map ruined by the gold.
  • 06-2 Observatory; dusk >> Much too difficult to AGD.
  • 06-3 Observatory; rooftop at dawn >> I liked the beginning, but the gauss area wasn't laid out very well.
  • 06-4 Constellations >> Nice map. It was overwhelming at times, but still fun.
  • 07-0 Elvandar >> Righteous. Fun to highscore and looked great.
  • 07-1 Cloud; Apocalypse! >> Hmmm, fun, but the design was a bit off.
  • 07-2 Chipzel >> Simple, elegant, beautiful. Userlevel'd.
  • 07-3 Maritime Aura >> Huge map, but the gameplay was too fractured. There wasn't a unifying theme.
  • 07-4 Oceano >> There was so much glorious SkyRay in this map. The drones weren't good though.
  • 08-0 Aerials >> Fun, but very boring. A gauss would've been great.
  • 08-1 Space Kindling >> Such an interesting level. The mines were really bothersome, but I liked playing.
  • 08-2 Reformat >> I felt like a badass not needing to open the door. :3
  • 08-3 Serpentine >> Not the best map, but not the worst. The chaingun was too annoying.
  • 08-4 Four >> Now this is a fucking level. <3 Userlevel'd.
  • 09-0 Sypheria >> Awesome flow and the rocket was perfect.
  • 09-1 Outpost (after dark); >> I expected to be forced to go around the top of the map, but wasn't. Thanks.
  • 09-2 Cure - Neon Black >> Too many oneways.
  • 09-3 Storm Raid Battle >> Very disorganized. There wasn't any purpose to the map.
  • 09-4 Stardock Harbour; Dawn >> Well, I liked the tiles, but the gameplay was average.

And here are some demos, free of charge.
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