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fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.19 (11:49)
by formica
hey guys,

here's a 3- column plus bonus- episode map pack including the la3^3 levelpack, a bunch of NUMA maps (some renamed, some polished) sorted into increasingly difficult episodes, a column of ALL- NEW themed maps and a bonus tribute to classic video games.

I'm planning on updating this from time to time- adding new episodes and replacing any levels people don't enjoy with better ones. Leave some feedback and I might be able to keep improving this. :)


00: Prolouge
01: Lines
02: Towers
03: Symmetry
04: Pseudo- Survival
05: Augie March song titles
06: Floating objects
07: Race maps
08: Trees
09: Epilouge

10- Odd effects
11- Diagonal symmetry
12- Half size
13- J.D. Salinger short story titles
14- "Flying"
15- Timed
16- One- ways
17- There and back again
18- Choose- your- own- adventure
19- Remixes

20 to 29: NUMA maps, with a focus on novelty value and replay value.

30- Floor- tastic!
31- 5 ways to build a bridge

BONUS: An episode celebrating Space Invaders, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda, Team Fortress 2 and N.

Certain maps rip off maps by other authors, including Atrametis' "Fire Sky", Maximo's "Mt. Doom" and Script's "Floodlight Breakdown". It's meant as a compliment.


20/05/10- Fixed exploits in maps 04-2: Skippy and 15-0: The Great Race
23/05/10- Fixed exploit in 17-1: Taut, replaced 18-2: Wolf with an easier, more customisable version of the same level
28/05/10- Added two new episodes: 30 and 31, removed ungettable gold on 00:04- The Two Trees of Randomnity

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.19 (17:40)
by ENT474
I notice you added some of the maps you posted. Really nice pack.
By NUMA maps, do you mean maps posted on NUMA or what?

Edit:oh, by the way, 15-0 is cheatable - doors.
And on 4-2, you can jump off the thwump into the switch.

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.19 (22:34)
by formica
Glad you liked it! 4-2 was intended, 15-0 not. I'll go ahead and fix one/ both today :)

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.20 (17:07)
by Brainstone
As I said already in the PM, I really like this. But I just found out 16-2 is cheatable:

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.21 (19:45)
by Donfuy
i see good races


Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.23 (05:25)
by formica
Brainstone wrote:As I said already in the PM, I really like this. But I just found out 16-2 is cheatable:

Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out.

I've got three more episodes planned for another update in the next few weeks.

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.23 (21:04)
by Rose

Loved it. Fun and intuitive, looked nice, but best of all it's a good column starter! None of the enemies actively seek you out, which imo is extremely important for a X0-0. This really got me interested in the pack right off the bat ^_^ AGD (I'm copying all my demos from the userlevels box so just plug them in there):


I liked the map overall, but it seemed way too early. A rocket on 00-1? Especially considering the easiness of the other maps in the episode, this was an odd choice. Completion:


Back to easy maps again! I found this a bit repetitive; a difficulty curve for even just the bottom gold would've been lovely. I'm also a bit stumped as to how to get the top gold. Do you have to do a triple jump off the floor, 1-tile, wall? If so, then you have to do that every time; that goes back to the repetitive thing. All the gold on the bottom:


Much better than the last two. Each gold piece felt like its own challenge, and I liked how you had to weigh not only the danger, but the time it took to get each piece. Not only did you have to collect them, but you had to collect them quickly. A real gem. SGD:


Is AGD possible? I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the gold piece second from the left. As far as getting the gold went, this felt like a not-as-good execution of the same concept in the previous map. It's fun to speedrun, but the replay value is poor imo. Another SGD:

I'll keep updating this post episode-by-episode as I go through the pack :3

















Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.24 (01:26)
by ENT474
I think 5-0 (Track over field) should be switched or replaced by 22-3 (Swing Life Away) (imo).

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.24 (02:06)
by formica
ENT474 wrote:I think 5-0 (Track over field) should be switched or replaced by 22-3 (Swing Life Away) (imo).

Very good point.

I'll dig something else up from the archives to replace 22-3 and replace 5-0 later today.

@maxon: Thanks so much for the detailed comments! My best explanation for the crappiness of these early maps is that I made them five years ago. I think I'm going to have to revise the 00 and 09 episodes at some point. In the meantime I'll get rid of that one piece of gold on 00-3 and make 00-1 a bit easier.

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2010.05.28 (12:56)
by formica
Updated with two new episodes!

Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2012.03.27 (11:04)
by zoasBE
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Re: fun with ninjas v1

Posted: 2017.05.09 (06:17)
by aids
There are over 150 maps, so I'll only mention the most memorable ones. (Also, you made dozens of remixed, harder versions of other maps in the pack. And I didn't like any of them.)

  • 01-0: The thin, dead line ::: Clever and enjoyable. Userlevel'd.
  • 01-3: Chasm ::: Not the prettiest but still pretty fun.
  • 02-1: Medical ::: This would've been a great seeker map.
  • 03-4: Closely quartered ::: Oh man. zoasBE would love this one. Userlevel'd.
  • 04-2: Skippy! ::: Better enemies are needed.
  • 05-4: Heartbeat and Sails ::: Oh shit dude! I remember this map. Blast from the past.
  • 10-4: Knot Again ::: This one too! Fucking amazing. Userlevel'd.
  • 12-1: Goodness Goldness ::: Simple yet effective. Userlevel'd.
  • 12-4: Making Molehills out of Mountains ::: I loved how this was like a mini Mount Doom.
  • 13-1: Uncle Wiggly in Connecticut ::: Silly name but boy was it fun. Userlevel'd.
  • 16-2: Conformist ::: While it needs some tweaks, it's a marvelous map. Userlevel'd.
  • 21-3: No Safe Haven ::: Very good. Userlevel'd.
  • 23-2: The ghost inside our house ::: Looked great, but I disliked the laser.
  • 29-2: I can't get it to work, so you're at fault ::: Could've been much smarter made. I'll give it a go. Userlevel'd.
  • 31-2: Golden ::: The only one from this series I liked. Userlevel'd.
  • Bonus- 04: n ::: Awwww. I like this.

Here's a few demos.