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Postby PALEMOON » 2012.01.17 (02:09)

this is a large level pack, i hope you enjoy

i tried some new styles but ended up dripping with palemoon flavor by the end

also has soem memoir maps because i want people to see that shit
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Postby Paradox » 2012.01.17 (02:31)

Defiantly has a style to it, chainguns & rockets mostly, but also timing, then it goes on to the truly fucked up PALEMOON stuff

[spoiler=what]is the name of the secret map?[/spoiler]

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Postby zoasBE » 2012.01.18 (11:55)

you're awesome!
dowloaded it, playing it!!!!

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Postby LouDog004 » 2012.01.20 (00:08)

Awesome pack, never change.

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Postby aids » 2012.03.23 (16:32)

You are just excellent at making packs. :3

  • 00-0: Cobblestone Well Floor >> What a great opening map. Love it all. Userlevel'd.
  • 00-1: Drip-Dripping Water Walls >> Great drones, but I kinda wanted more gold.
  • 00-2: Light Around The Corner >> Too simple and bland to be fun.
  • 00-3: Sounds Of Above Going Below >> Pretty linear, but not too bad.
  • 00-4: Earth Prison >> Not too shabby, and I like the mines.
  • 01-0: Wine Catacomb I >> I love the flow of the map.
  • 01-1: Whacked Dream I >> How awesome. Great use of the chaingun and drones. Userlevel'd.
  • 01-2: Wine Catacomb II >> Once again, good flow. But the trapdoors were dumb.
  • 01-3: Whacked Dream II >> I don't like this. The rocket/gauss combo didn't work.
  • 01-4: REALity FROM FANTAzY >> Classic PALEMOON. Userlevel'd.
  • 02-0: Helix Striped >> I didn't like the drones much, but it was cool.
  • 02-1: iiCenterediiSunburstii >> The dual-lasers were great, but the object placement was mediocre.
  • 02-2: This Hole Is A Special One >> I didn't like it. Poor mine placement.
  • 02-3: Carpenter Hive >> Once again, the gold placement could've been better.
  • 02-4: i just think of those teeth >> I kinda like the rocket, but the drones suck.
  • 03-0: Art Gallery >> Not a fan.
  • 03-1: Time Enough >> While I liked the rocket and gauss, I didn't like the floorguards.
  • 03-2: Whacked Dream III >> I didn't like the laser placement.
  • 03-3: Would Not See You Suffer >> The chainguns sucked here.
  • 03-4: Dual Chute >> Blegh. No style at all.
  • 04-0: The Good-Hearted Pilgrim's Temple >> If this had more flow it would be really nice.
  • 04-1: One Prayer For Your Spirit >> Meh. Nothing special about it.
  • 04-2: Two Prayers For Your Friends >> This one was pretty fun, but much too simple.
  • 04-3: Three Prayers For Good Things To Come >> Tacky and no fun.
  • 04-4: The Forgotten Fourth Prayer >> I didn't bother to AGD it.
  • 05-0: The Human Test Subject >> I think a laser would be better here.
  • 05-1: Prison Block >> This one was good. Not that replayable though, once you get it.
  • 05-2: AQUEDUCT ESCAPE, BITCH >> I wasn't a fan of the drones, but the lower section was great.
  • 05-3: Executive Pent: Guest Pass Only >> I couldn't enjoy it with the chaingun.
  • 05-4: Executive Pent: Not Just For Whores >> Forgettable. The rockets were much too lazy.
  • 06-0: ZERO ZERO - ZERO >> Cool-looking, but not very fun.
  • 06-1: BRAIN VIOLATION >> I like the dual lasers, but what's with the rockets?
  • 06-2: RUNNING ALL NIGHT!! >> Huh. Nice lettering, shitty level.
  • 06-3: cbite crossc >> I dunno, the layout was good, but the gauss didn't seem like enough.
  • 06-4: 4AMmilk run >> Dual chainguns were good, but the gameplay wasn't that fun.
  • 07-0: DRAGON SPIRAL >> Really linear and boring.
  • 07-1: LOST SOUL >> While it was kinda hard, I liked it. The floorguard was clever.
  • 07-2: MONSTERTAPE >> Not too bad. I liked the drones and rocket together, but the gauss sucks.
  • 07-3: ll slash ll chamber ll >> I love this so much. Perfect rocket placement. Userlevel'd.
  • 07-4: The Covetous Gardener >> I don't like this at all.
  • 08-0: FAIRER >> Not a fan of the chainguns. :/
  • 08-1: GOD ROT GOOD MEN >> I don't like the doors. They're uuugly.
  • 08-2: Bridge On The River "You're Fucked" >> Meh. I didn't like the chainguns.
  • 08-3: Survival of the THICKEST >> Eww. D:
  • 08-4: Enshrinement [Zorn Tribute] >> I really really like this. Quite perfect. Userlevel'd.

Here are lots of demos. :)
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Postby zoasBE » 2012.03.25 (14:08)

I like your reviews Aidiera, you're doing a really cool job.

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