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Postby Izzy » 2012.12.08 (22:26)

Some of these maps were pretty fun, I guess. A few authors stood out, but I just didn't enjoy many of these.

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Postby Inspired » 2012.12.10 (22:02)

nevada wrote:oh man. ganteka and inspired on irc. i can't even remember what they did but how they annoyed everyone. or maybe just me.
Fair enough, I was an idiot. A young awkward teenager who tried to act mature yet failed so badly.

I know I only played a small part in the wider pack but I can definitely say I poured everything I could into it. I submitted some of my best maps to MoA and am so glad that they will be solidified in history.

I am sorry to those who I royally pissed off back in the day, and also to those who I left without much more than a goodbye. I've done a lot of growing up since my prolonged stay on NUMA, the forums, and IRC which I feel is a result of coming through University, attaining some important leadership positions and finally struggling through different aspects of the real life (and not just an online persona's daily struggles). The Metanet community gave me a strong spirit of creativity, an appreciation of the world outside my little town in New Zealand, and finally an understanding of the basics in human interaction which I had seemingly ignored in the real world during my teenage years. Thank you to everybody who enjoyed, suffered, or hated my company in the community between 2008 and late-2010/early-2011, I had a great time with you all and do miss the chatting, gaming, and mischief that we used to get up to.

Thank you to flag, sidke, ChaoStar, KlanKaos, gloomp, PALEMOON, southpaw, Riobe, Ardee (Randomdigits), UniverseZero, Pheidi, Leaff, Kool-aid, karmapolice, GTM (Matt), fbf (fireburnsfree), kablizzy, Dave, L_V, and Erik-Player. And also a really big thank you to Destiny, ChrisE, Life247, squibbles, orange, and romaniac who I feel I really got to know during my time. There are even more people I know I have forgotten to thank (so if I missed your name I am very sorry) which truly goes to show how impressive this community really is and has been.

Until next time I swing by I hope you all are having the most wonderful days/nights and I wish you the best for the impending year.

With love,

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Postby Cheez » 2012.12.12 (23:57)

This pack... oh man, the memories.

I submitted 87 maps, most of them pretty shitty, and only 10 of them got accepted. Most of those were still pretty shitty.

I was with this pack very soon after I began mapping (about 6 months after), which can show you how desperate CS was to have people get in on this project, haha. It was very fun for me, though, and I'm proud of the 5% of the end product that I make up.

I met a lot of people through those years when I was a part of Memoirs. Flag, gloomp, PALEMOON, the long-gone Rule, sunset, and furry, among many others. It essentially helped launch me into the community, and being part of a group of mappers helped build my mapping style and ability. The harsh judging helped me temper my maps into the best thing I could make, which at the time looked pretty good to me.

All in all, Memoirs is probably the thing that I am most proud of being a part of during my time at Metanet. Thank you guys, really. Thank you.
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Postby Rhekatou » 2012.12.17 (06:33)

I wanted to have some nice essay like everybody else in this thread, but I couldn't find the words. I guess MoA has really just shown me how fucking long it's been here at metanet. Time passes fast, man.

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Postby vankusss » 2013.01.20 (22:24)

Izzy wrote:Some of these maps were pretty fun, I guess. A few authors stood out, but I just didn't enjoy many of these.

I have the same feeling :/ But I quess I was never on the same wave as the mapping community, as far as map judging and scoring goes.
Also i guess the thing means exponentially more to the people actually involved...

But I still like Chrise maps.
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Postby ska » 2013.01.22 (04:49)

Regardless, I gave about 20 of the 500 accepted MOA maps to Mare and Raigan for consideration for 2.0 userlevels inclusion. This project was a valuable resource so thanks to all involved.

Here were my MOA candidates for 2.0 including notes and "?" for ones I was less certain about.
You'll probably see most of these in 2.0 user columns. A very special thanks to the authors of these maps. / change objects? the gold could look and be placed better, and also the drone in front of the gold would be better, no? funky as hell, great for highscoring routes Quite good, but could do with some minor aesthetic tweaks (doors near the end.. don't be afraid to make some modifications where you see fit!) should be good for highscoring.

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Postby Inspired » 2013.01.22 (21:40)

ska wrote:Here were my MOA candidates for 2.0 including notes and "?" for ones I was less certain about.
You'll probably see most of these in 2.0 user columns. A very special thanks to the authors of these maps. / change objects? the gold could look and be placed better, and also the drone in front of the gold would be better, no?
I feel rather proud to have two of my maps suggested! I prefer the way I placed the gold, simple and to the point. I remember attempting spirals and other pretty patterns but they didn't really fit well with the tiles. Here's an edited version with the drone in front of the gold:

Here's a revision, changed gold, added a couple of aesthetically pleasing objects.

All Gold Demo

And a Speed Run

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Postby ENT474 » 2013.01.28 (17:43)

Man, those names are so nostalgic. woo nostalgia, good ol days, etc.

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Postby ChaoStar » 2013.02.16 (04:16)

It's nice to see this finally finished.

Cheers, everyone.

Edit: I had all the logs of all the hilarious arguments, but I can't seem to find where I put them on my external.

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Postby Rule » 2013.03.30 (14:52)

Man, it's been so long... How ignorant we were back then, and how much has changed since...
I'll be playing these just for the memories.


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Postby sidke » 2013.09.29 (21:48)


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Postby aids » 2013.09.29 (23:02)

nevada wrote:i decided to packs this
It was already packs'd though.


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Postby sidke » 2013.09.29 (23:14)

when and where i don't even remember i just tried packsing it and it failed the post because it was too much data so i put it in via scp so

oh well where is the packs fo- i decided to look for it and found it
so this one has all 500 instead of the 499 in so it has that going for it

i wasn't a complete waste of time

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Postby aids » 2017.07.01 (20:18)

Good work all around. Some incredible maps, some decent maps, and some absolutely terrible maps. I attempted to organize the pack by difficulty, and if you'd like to see that, click here. Comments are in a spoiler since this pack has 500 fucking maps.
Here are all my comments. They are sorted aphebetically by map name.

++ (No) Pressure :: squibbles, Riobe, Inspired, KlanKaos ::: It needs a better starting location and I would have liked two sets of drones to rotate in the opposite direction.
++ (Ya Gotta Get A) Shandaleah :: pikman ::: Simple and very fun.
++ .kruis :: sidke ::: Dual chainguns are awesome.
++ 2009//2011 :: Radium, mahi_mahi ::: A little overcrowded but very fun design. Userlevel'd.
++ 38-3 :: natures_peril ::: Very nice map but I think two chainguns would have been sufficient.
++ 4AMmilk run :: PALEMOON ::: Not my favorite PALEMOON map. Mostly boring.
++ 4rooms :: UndeadPie ::: It was an exercise in futility.
++ 5x :: Riobe ::: While I liked the pairing of lasers and drones, I felt like this one needed more to do.
++ 5xRxEx :: sidke ::: Pretty map.
++ A 6 Nickel Castle :: ChrisE, kablamo ::: I expected the locked doors to be more important. I was let down.
++ A Dimly Lit Street :: UndeadPie ::: I like the cramped nature of this one. Also, the rocket part was great.
++ A Floating Riverwork Number 46 :: ChrisE ::: This was small but had a lot going on.
++ A Hand in Space :: gloomp ::: I expected the seekers to be overwhelming, but they weren't. Good job.
++ A Handsome Figure :: UndeadPie ::: I really like the tiles, but I wish the rocket was more of a threat.
++ A little bit of the abstract :: Inspired ::: The tileset looks like two socket wrenches in love.
++ A long, long time ago :: DW40 ::: The jumps are super creative. I love this one. Userlevel'd.
++ A Map A Map, My Kingdom For A Map :: Dvip6 ::: I like maps like this.
++ A Quiet Evening Alone :: UndeadPie ::: Too many enemies, but it was very fun. Userlevel'd.
++ A roof over your head isn't going to be enough... :: Inspired, Erik-Player ::: It was more cramped than would like, but I did like the bottom section.
++ A terror beyond belief... :: Inspired ::: Small and satisfying. Great tileset and rocket placement. Userlevel'd.
++ A Terryfying Creature spots you - RUN :: UndeadPie ::: That monster looks kick-ass. The map was pretty cool.
++ A Train, Heavily Armored :: UndeadPie ::: The three chainguns were tough as shit, but the parts other than them were nice.
++ Aaaah! A Talkin' Muffin' ! :: Rule ::: A fan of the floorguard/rocket juxtaposition.
++ About the Night She Fell From the Windmill and My Heart Fell Too :: mintnut ::: mintnut maps are truly the gems of the Sahara. Userlevel'd.
++ Abuda Via Sukra :: kkstrong ::: As far as that gold is concerned, fuck it.
++ admit :: mahi_mahi ::: Nothing special, but it was good. I liked the variety in the drone placement.
++ AFSD :: Viil ::: Silly object placement.
++ aged to perfection :: oakstream ::: I love the gold placement, and the rocket provides a formidable foe.
++ Air Dialogue :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: It's unlike your normal maps, but it wasn't bad. Just unique.
++ All my birds of flight :: RandomDigits ::: This map was about ten times harder than it deserves to be.
++ $All your opinions belong to us :: Inspired ::: This map was chill. Needed a gauss or something.
++ Alps :: Radium ::: Those three rockets were tough. But I loooooved the drone section.
++ Amazon X-ing :: script ::: The thwumps proved to be a bit of a challenge. It just looked amateur.
++ And Don't Come Back :: Dvip6 ::: The laser could have been used much better in my opinion. The trap-doors felt like a cop-out. It's worth keeping, however. Userlevel'd.
++ And I Start Drooling :: RandomDigits, aphex, Brttrx ::: It really does feel like three maps smashed together.
++ And You Said Boss Maps Were A Bad Idea! :: Pheidippides ::: Some of the gold placement irked me, but your tiles make my eyes rain. Userlevel'd.
++ Anthill (escape the heat) :: script ::: Very nice drone paths.
++ Armada :: mahi_mahi ::: It's the compartmentalization of this one which turned me off.
++ As is Above, So Below :: Rhekatou, Viil ::: Cramped, but I loved the bottom section.
++ As the world fades. :: furry_ant ::: Movement was kind of stilted, but I liked the rocket/gauss pairing.
++ Asimov X :: Nexx ::: Those rockets were tough cookies. It's a bit hard as is.
++ Aura(); :: furry_ant ::: The aesthetics are gorgeous. Only having the rocket was a but dull.
++ Baby Balloons, SmilIes And Chocolates, Fires And Then Cries :: UndeadPie ::: The enemies are really tough when they are combined.
++ Bat Chain Puller :: gloomp ::: Too long, but I liked the thwump part a lot.
++ Battle in Space :: yungerkid ::: Cool design, good enemy choices, and pretty hard.
++ Bed Vixen :: DW40 ::: I liked this one a lot. Very nice layout. Userlevel'd.
++ belfry :: apse ::: This was on NUMA and I love it very much. The enemies and the layout really complement each other. Userlevel'd.
++ Below The Valve :: ChrisE ::: Challenging, but not at all worth the time.
++ Belvedere Blvd 23rd :: UndeadPie ::: It felt like a half-assed IodineEnvy map.
++ Bird dream of the Olympus Mons I :: crescor ::: Fresh. The chaingun was a lot of fun.
++ Bird dream of the Olympus Mons II :: crescor ::: Yeah! This is what I'm talking about. Perfect. Userlevel'd.
++ Bird dream of the Olympus Mons III :: crescor ::: I liked the cross layout, but the laser/gauss pair was very weak.
++ Bird dream of the Olympus Mons IV :: crescor ::: Big fan of the mines in the middle, but the sides felt wasted.
++ Bird dream of the Olympus Mons V - Finale :: crescor, furry_ant ::: The locked door trick got me good. I liked this one.
++ Blastoff! Faraway Land :: Ad ::: A little too easy.
++ blaze :: apse ::: All-golding this turned out to be impossible for me? 0/10
++ Bless The Sun God :: ChrisE ::: Small and enjoyable. Userlevel'd.
++ Blood Diamonds :: mahi_mahi ::: These mahi maps are almost indistinguishable. Long and meandering.
++ Bloop Slow Down :: Losttortuga ::: Overall, it's good, but it's harder than it should be.
++ Blue Screen :: kablamo ::: While I didn't like the launchpads, each enemy worked well on its own.
++ bobs your nanny :: natures_peril ::: It basically felt like a discount PALEMOON map.
++ Born In a Peaceful Quietness. :: Rule ::: I felt like it could have been better with just two bounceblocks, but it was still enjoyable.
++ Borneo -sec. 3 :: mahi_mahi ::: Convoluted with poor enemy choices.
++ BoRonor reVolver :: Kool-aid ::: I really liked the rocket's range, but I didn't like the other enemies.
++ BRAIN VIOLATION :: sidke, PALEMOON ::: Cool dual lasers, but I thought the trap doors were lame.
++ Brainfall :: RandomDigits ::: The layout, the enemies, the gold placement. It's all perfect. Userlevel'd.
++ Break :: Viil ::: Simplistic gold placement, but these little maps are always good.
++ Breasticles :: Blackson ::: Love the tiles but didn't like the gold placement.
++ Bridge On The River "You're Fucked" :: PALEMOON ::: Quite the challenge. I remembered this.
++ Cacti :: hooha2x2sday ::: I wanted there to be more to do in the top section.
++ Cadet! Get to your ship, the meadow is in flames! :: mintnut ::: Awesome chaingun and very pretty. Userlevel'd.
++ Cairo Nights and City Lights :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: The dual layers were great, the layout was fun, but there was a bit too much gold.
++ Candy Cone Mountains. :: furry_ant ::: Lovely map. I got some really nice laser glitches. Userlevel'd.
++ cathedral :: apse ::: The gauss was mostly unnecessary, and it was poorly placed. The map was also a little disorienting.
++ Cathedral of Eternal Sorrow :: ChaoStar, mintnut ::: The bottom left could've had a bit more to do, but it looked great.
++ Cave Nectar :: Radium ::: I wish the chaingun would have been more utilized.
++ cbite crossc :: PALEMOON ::: The gauss was cool, but it was very boring.
++ CELEBRATE :: OutrightOJ ::: I loved the drone paths, but it would have been nice to rearrange the exit and switch placement.
++ Cerulean Citadel :: ChrisE ::: This was a very thin map, tile-wise. Still very fun, but the tiles didn't really do it for me.
++ Chadeliern :: DW40 ::: Really dislike the object placement.
++ Cherokee Kisum :: UndeadPie ::: That drone timing is pristine. I think the gauss could be a rocket.
++ Chi (Immörtal mixTape) :: mahi_mahi ::: The laser was very fun to dodge, and there was enough gold to keep it interesting.
++ chicane :: Inspired ::: I playtested this! Wonderful map. Userlevel'd.
++ Cicada Thunder Call (Feed Your Wild Side) :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: I remember this one as well. Tight and exciting. Userlevel'd.
++ City Hall :: UndeadPie ::: I like the enemy choices but not their placement. Felt like an IodineEnvy.
++ City of Heteromyidae :: mahi_mahi ::: It's a little too barren to be enjoyable.
++ Clever alibis; Lord of the flies :: el_devo ::: I really love the chainguns. Small, but it was very replayable.
++ close quarters :: apse ::: If the chasers were normal drones I would have enjoyed it.
++ cloudhopper :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Sometimes the little maps have the most to offer. Userlevel'd.
++ Coffee House :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: I like the layout, but besides the gauss the enemies didn't work.
++ Conch Sewer for Atlantis; With All the Waves :: yungerkid ::: If the tileset had supported strings of jumps to get the gold, I would have enjoyed it more.
++ Condense Extriminate :: yungerkid ::: Lovely little map. Userlevel'd.
++ Construction War :: DW40 ::: While I definitely got a construction vibe, the gameplay was clunky.
++ Continental Rift :: Dvip6 ::: This is my kind of map. Great design, great enemies, and great fun. Userlevel'd.
++ Corporate Fairytale :: DW40 ::: Are you sure PALEMOON didn't make this? Fun but not quite complete to me.
++ Corpse Party :: Radium ::: I think that more gold would be beneficial, but it's alright.
++ Corrosion Rift :: Nexx ::: Tight gameplay, and I didn't like it.
++ Cortex :: Rule ::: Too much gold, but cool tiles.
++ Crab Cliff :: yungerkid ::: There have been better wall-climbers.
++ Crackle :: Riobe ::: I would have loved this as just a minejumper and not a gauss dodger.
++ Crinkle-Cut Fortress :: Ad ::: I hated the locked doors, but I liked the thwump gimmick.
++ Crucify :: Rule ::: Aha! I love that exit placement, but I think it could use better gold placement.
++ CRUSHLOADERS :: mintnut ::: First off, fuckin' great tiles. Second off, it's amazing. Userlevel'd.
++ Cry Worm :: KlanKaos ::: Too many gausses.
++ Cubozoa: Box Jellyfish :: Ad ::: Whoooo! Loved the drone section, but the rest was boring.
++ Da da da da da :: Sunset ::: Such a Sunset map. I think a seeker would bring the whole level together.
++ Dahaka :: Rule ::: What it lacks in excitement, it makes up for in beauty.
++ Darkness Falls :: Dvip6 ::: It feels like a nice apartment complex, complete with winding staircases and nosy neighbors.
++ Dawn Breaking Tide :: furry_ant, karmap0lice ::: The synergy of the three main enemies was a breath of fresh air.
++ Deadcolours :: furry_ant ::: I love your tilesets, but the enemies weren't the best.
++ Deadly Horizons :: Dvip6 ::: The chaingun section was far better than the rocket section.
++ Death To The Ancients aaaarrgh!! :: mintnut ::: I remember this. Hard to move around.
++ Deep Canyon :: Losttortuga ::: Damn, getting out of the canyon was tough. The trap-doors look tacky compared to the gorgeous tiles.
++ defences deactivated :: natures_peril ::: This is one of the worst maps I've ever played, and I'm shocked it was accepted.
++ definatly a cave :: notkitt ::: The gauss and the laser were very tricky.
++ Degrees of Elevation :: Dvip6 ::: Pretty boring gauss dodger.
++ Deoxy-whaaaaa? :: ChaoStar ::: I really really liked the gauss. And it looked good.
++ diamond treehouse :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Cramped, tedious, and boring.
++ Did you know that zombies eat human flesh? What's up with that! :: aphex ::: The seeker puzzle was decent, but I needed more depth to it.
++ differences :: mahi_mahi ::: The seeker is somewhat useless, but I liked the rocket.
++ Dilodids :: Leaff, Brttrx, pikman, Lightning55, Riobe, Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Too many cooks spoiled the broth. I liked the gold pattern though.
++ diode :: apse ::: 100% amazing. I love a good jumper puzzle. Userlevel'd.
++ Disc Rupture :: mahi_mahi ::: Poor enemy choices. This is ripe for some seekers.
++ Disturbed :: oakstream ::: It didn't look the best, but it played really well. Good rocket placement.
++ Don't Go Into the Light! :: Dvip6 ::: While the locked doors don't do much, I liked the overall design.
++ Don't let the waves know :: RandomDigits ::: I was hoping that the drone was end up blocking the exit, but I liked the gauss.
++ Dove Lungeon :: squibbles, RandomDigits ::: Simple map but just a lot of fun. Userlevel'd.
++ Dr. Dre. wants to square with me. :: squibbles ::: I wish that the size of the squares that the drones circled changed in size so that there was some variation in the cycles.
++ DRAGON SPIRAL :: PALEMOON ::: I wish you had used rockets or lasers instead.
++ dramamine delays :: gloomp ::: Very very very very very good map. Userlevel'd.
++ Dusk :: furry_ant ::: I dunno, something about the enemy choices were off. Maybe it needs a guass instead.
++ Dust to Dust :: Nexx ::: Poor gold placement and poor enemy placement.
++ Ecstasy :: flagmyidol ::: Those top two thwumps were a son of a bitch.
++ elbertson and the moondancers :: notkitt ::: I've never seen drones used so effectively in an open arena like this. Userlevel'd.
++ Elder Levitating Mountain :: pikman ::: Damn, tough map. I liked the rockets a bunch though.
++ elevator labor :: flagmyidol, seven_two, Sunset ::: I like the overall idea of the map, but not the execution.
++ Empire Ants :: southpaw ::: More gold is definitely needed. Cool jump sequence to the exit.
++ Enshrinement :: PALEMOON ::: A+ map, fondly remembered.
++ Enterprise :: flagmyidol ::: I think if this didn't have oneways and used the tiles better, this would be excellent.
++ Entrance :: UndeadPie ::: My favorite thing about this map is how the drones are asynchronous.
++ Evil Dæmon :: bufar ::: Very boring and very annoying. Could've been waaay better.
++ eXpand :: ChaoStar ::: Hate this chaingun placement.
++ Face the flow... :: Inspired ::: I fell for the trap. Fun map, and I love the drone paths. Userlevel'd.
++ Fair and Square :: fireburnsfree ::: The seekers made for lots of good dodges.
++ Fancy a Mediterranean Cruise? :: ChrisE ::: I wish the bottom gold was as creative as the top gold.
++ firebreather :: apse ::: It's not very pretty, but it gets the job done.
++ five five five five six :: apse ::: Nice little minejumper.
++ Fix Up, Look Sharp :: mintnut, ChaoStar ::: I would move the gauss and add more to the bottom section.
++ Flexx :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: It's very abstract, but I liked the enemies.
++ Foglight Red Shore :: furry_ant ::: Nice-looking castle, but I didn't like the laser.
++ follow thy leader. :: mahi_mahi ::: It's fine. I wish there was some variety with the gold placement.
++ Forest Of The Dead :: Viil ::: Sweet tiles but it needs more gold.
++ Fork in the Road :: Dvip6 ::: Something about this map felt off. Maybe it was the enemy choices.
++ Fractal 7-Tile :: mahi_mahi ::: Big fan of the layout and tiles, but I wish that the gausses weren't there.
++ Fractal Fun :: Losttortuga ::: What a cool tileset. I would have liked better gold placement though.
++ France - 0 : Mexico - 2 :: mahi_mahi, Theodore ::: The tiles were made for a fun one-way puzzle, but that's not the route you went.
++ Free Fall Diaries - From A SkyCaptain, No Longer Among Clouds :: UndeadPie ::: Clunky gameplay. Not a fan.
++ Friendly :: Rule ::: The simplistic gameplay kind of ruined the challenge.
++ Futuristic Diner :: fireburnsfree, Riobe ::: I really love the layout but the enemy choices are strange. It still could be good though. Userlevel'd.
++ Gauntlet :: Nexx ::: I played this on NUMA and liked it. It's good but boring.
++ general extinction :: mahi_mahi ::: I wish there was more to it. I liked the gauss though.
++ Glass Time :: Sunset ::: I love that hourglass design, not much else though.
++ Gold Diggin' :: Dvip6 ::: I liked the tileset a bunch.
++ Grand Sammich for my Youngster :: yungerkid ::: It's a barren landscape, but it does the trick.
++ Gridlock :: Nexx ::: Remake of "Bridges of Konigsberg" and I didn't like it.
++ Ground 0 :: Amadeus ::: I like your maps a lot, man.
++ Growing Tired Of The DeathRun :: UndeadPie ::: Small and forgettable.
++ hangar 14 :: flagmyidol ::: Solid map. Love the different enemies and how they worked together. Userlevel'd.
++ Have Some Mini Game :: Rule ::: I expected to dislike the switch placement, but it grew on me.
++ HDL Cholesterol :: maxson924 ::: I kicked this map's ass. Good enemy placement.
++ He Named Me Rain :: Erik-Player ::: Cool style, but it felt unfinished.
++ Head Crust :: Conen ::: It seemed like you were trying to make a mintnut map but gave up halfway.
++ Heartbeat. :: numa_ninja ::: I would have liked it more as just a minejumper.
++ Hexadecimal :: script, Rhekatou ::: Good map, I remember this from NUMA.
++ Hey megalomaniac, You're no Jesus, Yeah, you're no fucking Elvis :: crescor ::: Wasted the chainguns. Boring map.
++ HILL FORTRESS :: Conen ::: I love this fresh take on mapping. Nice.
++ Honing in (On the Bosnians) :: mahi_mahi ::: There's something about the 1-tiles here which remind me of classic LittleViking maps. Userlevel'd.
++ Hook, Line and Sinner. :: furry_ant ::: I liked the name more than the map. Gauss area was boring.
++ HookahScape :: Losttortuga ::: Very pretty map.
++ Hot and Cold :: yungerkid ::: This map would be absolutely amazing with a focus on drones. So I'll do that. Userlevel'd.
++ Hunting and Gathering (Cydonia) :: seven_two ::: I remember this one and I wasn't a fan of it. Sorry.
++ HyperActiveCube :: Dvip6 ::: I really liked the bottom part, but the rest was meh.
++ I Am Not A Pin Cushion :: Conen ::: This is simple but effective. I like it. Userlevel'd.
++ I keep monsters in my attic. :: sidke ::: The normal-door floorguard section annoyed the hell out of me.
++ I Know You Stay True When My World Is False :: hooha2x2sday ::: Cool design. Liked the laser's range.
++ I Loved You; an Angel on the Court, The Lawn Tennis Club 1903 :: mintnut ::: Probably too minimalist.
++ I Pick That Guy :: Daikenkai ::: I really liked the pathing, but not the gold placement.
++ I was texting :: DW40 ::: Cramped, but I liked the thwump concept.
++ I'm a man without conviction :: Sunset ::: What it lacked in routing, it made up in good enemy choices.
++ ICH HABE MEINE GROßEN GRÜNEN KANINCHEN IM SPORTZENTRUM VERLOREN! :: Ad ::: I love the cleverness of that rocket area. Well done!
++ If x = 2 Then I'm goin' DOWNTOWN :: kkstrong ::: It's too bad this wasn't good.
++ If you knew where to go, you wouldn't need directions :: Erik-Player ::: Very scattered map. Kind of strange.
++ If you wanted to fly like a bird, Committing would help :: Erik-Player ::: Like the last one but even more scattered.
++ Illusionarium :: OutrightOJ ::: I wanted better drone pathing.
++ Impossible Moorings :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Again, better drone pathing would make a big difference.
++ Impressive :: OutrightOJ ::: Very nice Metanet-esque map. Userlevel'd.
++ Inconsistent Rate :: Riobe ::: I LOVE the contrast between the top and the bottom. Fantastic. Userlevel'd.
++ Infinite Playlist :: UndeadPie ::: Less gold in the lower section would be good.
++ Inhalin' Helium: The misadventure of a floating boy. :: squibbles, maxson924, southpaw ::: Three authors, yet there was nothing to do.
++ Inside the Dragon :: Radium ::: Clunky map. Didn't like.
++ Internment Camp 6 :: mahi_mahi ::: Well-constructed and well-designed. Sweet map. Userlevel'd.
++ Isoscellation :: Nexx ::: I love how many routes there are for this map. Userlevel'd.
++ $It's All Cush :: pikman ::: I'm actually not sure that all-gold is possible. Way too hard.
++ It's free now! For onle 1,95! :: Rule ::: Cool minejumper.
++ It's Lonely Up Top :: numa_ninja ::: This one really, really grew on me. Love it. Userlevel'd.
++ Jerusalem Artichoke :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Twas on NUMA. It's okay.
++ Journey To The Bottom :: hooha2x2sday ::: It has a really nice flow to it.
++ Justice Lane :: mahi_mahi ::: Delightfully quick.
++ Khmer Rouge Strike :: mahi_mahi ::: Needs a lot more gold.
++ Knocking People's Hats Off :: Guitar_Hero_Matt, DW40 ::: Fucking great. 5 stars. Userlevel'd.
++ Kold :: Viil ::: It's effective for what it is.
++ Kumatani :: DW40 ::: Bad design.
++ Kumi Sugoi!! :: Pheidippides, southpaw ::: I looooove this map, guys. Userlevel'd.
++ L'Attaque et Aprés a :: Guitar_Hero_Matt, ChaoStar ::: Needed more to do.
++ Landing Module :: UndeadPie ::: I think it could have better door switch placement.
++ Landslide :: EdoI ::: Very cool tileset, but I didn't like the chainguns.
++ Langt Ind I Flammerne :: UndeadPie ::: The one-way setup was interesting, but that was about it.
++ Lava Moat Fortress :: furry_ant ::: I wasn't a fan of the layout. It was weird.
++ Leaving Just A Memory :: flagmyidol ::: Getting into the exit area was surprisingly hard. But I liked the drone timing.
++ LET'S HAVE A cryFEST :: apse ::: The bottom floorguard section was tricky. Cool map.
++ LET'S TAKE TURNS DATE RAPING EACH OTHER :: Blackson ::: It's not a bad puzzle, it's just very annoying.
++ Lighthearted Jaunt :: flagmyidol ::: Irritating.
++ Lighthouse :: Losttortuga ::: Fantastic tileset.
++ Lighthouse :: sidke ::: I like the gold pattern a lot but it looks more like a dragon than a lighthouse.
++ Lightning never strikes twice... :: Inspired ::: Hmmmm, I liked the idea, but without the inside tiles it would be better.
++ Lightning Storm: Legend of the Cheesy Name :: Dvip6 ::: Fun jump puzzle.
++ Lightscape :: sidke, Blackson ::: The trap doors were lazy, but I liked the rocket/chaingun combo.
++ Like an ocean :: crescor ::: I like the design, but it was much too short.
++ Like Cavalry on a Tin Bridge :: mintnut ::: Poor enemy choices, but it looked awesome.
++ Like playing Chess in a Wind Tunnel :: mahi_mahi ::: Very reminiscent of gloomp. Good map.
++ Limelight :: karmap0lice ::: Dumb map.
++ Live~Wire :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Perfect choice of enemies. Good one.
++ Livoughn :: Viil ::: Fun chimney I guess.
++ Lloyd the Stumbler :: mahi_mahi ::: It's a mahi map alright. Strange design.
++ lol ill just submit it here :: Blackson ::: The drone trap was tricksy, but damn was this map fun. Userlevel'd.
++ London Ridgehead Fal-Ling Down :: DigitalDuck ::: What a curious, curious map. Real fun.
++ Long Arms :: kablamo ::: Dumb trap door gimmick.
++ Look over there :: UndeadPie ::: I liked the inside section a lot.
++ Lookout! It's the sound of a million broken hearts :: mintnut ::: It needs more gold to extend the gameplay.
++ Lopside :: DW40 ::: I would have liked more asymmetry in the rocket section.
++ Los Vampiros son en el Techo :: furry_ant ::: It looks like a Yahoozy map but plays like a NIGHTMARE map. Interesting.
++ LOST SOUL :: PALEMOON ::: Good tileset, sub-par gameplay.
++ Lubricated Limbs :: squibbles ::: Boring and unmemorable.
++ MALL.FUCKING.CORE :: mahi_mahi ::: I actually liked the rocket a lot, but not the oneway setup.
++ Marginals :: oakstream ::: Yikes. Really hard to move around, and poor enemy placement.
++ Mechanic :: OutrightOJ ::: Really really nice challenge.
++ Medusa? She's Hot. :: furry_ant, ChrisE ::: I already have this one in my favorites.
++ Microcosm :: Nexx ::: Boring map.
++ missed experiences :: natures_peril ::: This one really grew on me with the puzzle aspect. Very fun.
++ moa :: sidke ::: Oh man, therealn. That's soooo old school.
++ Modern Battleground :: Nexx ::: I liked the oneway aesthetics, but not the enemy choices.
++ Molecular Structure Bifurcates World :: UndeadPie ::: This space could have been used in so many better ways.
++ Molecular Vegetation :: RandomDigits ::: The gold needed to be easier to collect.
++ Monastery :: Radium ::: I liked the gauss area, but it was fairly empty.
++ Monastery Redux :: Radium ::: I liked this one a lot more. The gauss area was really fun.
++ Monk Heron :: yungerkid ::: Without the mines on the tiles this would be great.
++ MONSTERTAPE :: PALEMOON ::: Cool-looking map.
++ MOO :: Viil ::: mintnut-style oneway setup. Could be expanded more.
++ moon dirt :: Losttortuga ::: Usually I enjoy your maps, but this one irked me.
++ Mothra :: DW40 ::: This could have been a very nice minejumper.
++ Move to the Rhythm of the Moon and Tide :: Losttortuga ::: Beautiful map. Userlevel'd.
++ Mr. Self Destruct :: seven_two ::: Fuck all these gauss. This would have been so cool.
++ Mt Doom Revisited :: script ::: Good but needed more to do.
++ Mt. of Nspiration :: Inspired ::: The single-golds really annoyed me.
++ My Asian Princess :: kkstrong ::: Interesting jumper puzzle.
++ My Mind is Starved :: mahi_mahi ::: What an awesome map layout. Some enemies didn't work, but damn does this look good.
++ my presence is not permitted :: Radium ::: Little map with a lot of replayability. It's a keeper. Userlevel'd.
++ Mykonos :: karmap0lice ::: Very pretty, but the gameplay was boring.
++ mystic energies :: Radium ::: I'm a big fan of this map but it was on NUMA so I won't favorite it.
++ Ninja's Heaven :: Rule ::: Clunky minejumper.
++ No, Really? Yea, Really. :: hooha2x2sday ::: The gauss isn't bad, but I don't like the placement.
++ Nothing amazing ever happens here :: aphex ::: I liked the gold a bunch, but I wish the rockets on the right had their own gold.
++ Nudadik Alcove :: Conen ::: If the chainguns were lasers this map would be gold.
++ O'er the hills and far away :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Oh god, look at the atmosphere here. It's like I've died and gone to heaven. Userlevel'd.
++ octa :: Radium ::: Kind of boring with just the gauss.
++ Odessa :: karmap0lice ::: Waste of a really cool tileset. But the route was fun to find.
++ Oh Astro :: southpaw ::: Looks like a bad retile. What gives?
++ Ohrwurm :: KlanKaos ::: This map has an immaculate flow. Too bad it's so short.
++ Only happy when it rains :: crescor ::: Horrible layout. Yikes.
++ only quitters turn back :: natures_peril ::: Shitty minejumpers are not my style.
++ Orod Lómë (Mountain Dusk) :: furry_ant ::: Your maps are my heroin. Userlevel'd.
++ Ours Was the Age of Primeval Scoundrels :: keninja ::: The concept was stellar, but the execution was lacking.
++ overcast mayan temple or some shit :: DW40 ::: I think this one could be stylized more.
++ Owls or mice :: mahi_mahi ::: I played this on NUMA recently. I like weaseling around the enemies.
++ o___O :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: What it lacked in prowess, it made up for in challenge.
++ Pac-Attack :: Conen ::: Poorly arranged. Capable of being much better.
++ Paradoxically Untitled :: Pheidippides ::: Looked better than it played.
++ Passion :: furry_ant ::: Strange. Not really a fan.
++ PBS :: Theodore ::: Who the fuck would approve of this map...
++ Peg Dancer :: Conen ::: I only beat it once, but it was the most successful victory yet.
++ People Were Dying Like Hot Cakes :: RandomDigits ::: This map was so irritating.
++ Perennial :: kkstrong ::: Impossible and/or not worth my fucking time.
++ Perfect Cherry Blossom Pt. I :: seven_two ::: I've never liked this map's gameplay. Good tiles tho.
++ Perfect Cherry Blossom Pt. II :: seven_two ::: This one's even worse.
++ Perfectah :: kkstrong ::: This one was quite popular on NUMA, and for good reason.
++ Persian Market :: mahi_mahi ::: Cramped map with bad enemy placement.
++ Perspectoplex :: Losttortuga ::: I liked the gold in the middle. I wish there was more gold like it.
++ PGD :: Riobe ::: Wow, what a boring map.
++ Pieces :: Inspired ::: Very pretty map. Even one enemy would have been nice though.
++ Pinnacle. :: numa_ninja ::: While I couldn't beat it, I loved the look and the design. Userlevel'd.
++ Pipes :: Inspired ::: I think with some gold this would be great. Userlevel'd.
++ Pirates! Aargh. :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Nothing makes sense. The rockets, the gold placement, the tileset. Doesn't work.
++ Plateau :: Radium ::: I liked the lasers, but not the gold placement.
++ Pole :: sidke ::: Simple and fun.
++ Polyethylene :: karmap0lice ::: Very fun jumper but it needs more gold. Userlevel'd.
++ PORTAL :: UndeadPie ::: Neither of the gausses posed much of a threat.
++ Possibly :: oakstream ::: It's a tad incoherent. Fun launchpads though.
++ Poughkeepsie Tapes :: flagmyidol, toasters ::: Favorite. Map. Ever. Userlevel'd.
++ Pressed. :: Ad ::: Each room should've had a different enemy.
++ Pretentious Map No.692 :: sidke ::: Hmmmm. While I liked the look, I didn't like the dumb trap door jump.
++ Priceless :: wumbla ::: Really fun chimney map. Not too hard but very cool.
++ Pushing Up Daisies :: southpaw, ChrisE ::: Strange. Didn't like the enemies.
++ Puzzler :: kkstrong ::: Man, this had the potential to be really interesting.
++ Radscorpion :: DW40 ::: The rocket/mines up top were too difficult to keep.
++ Raijin :: bufar ::: Very clever puzzle. Am a fan. Userlevel'd.
++ Razor Shark :: mahi_mahi ::: I didn't like the drone, but the rest is pretty nice.
++ Ready :: DW40 ::: More gold and more cover from the chainguns is necessary.
++ Red Lace :: Nexx ::: Nice map. Love the jumps.
++ regardless of race, gender, etc., we will kill you :: Rhekatou ::: Maaan, the seekers could have been used better.
++ Relic :: Rule ::: The locked doors are pointless, but I liked the two-chamber design a lot.
++ Remedy :: crescor ::: The laser needed to be placed better. Right now it's ineffective.
++ rendevous :: Viil ::: Too much gold but damn is it good. Userlevel'd.
++ Reset! Spring City :: Ad ::: Not enough gold and the drones are useless.
++ Restless In the Tides :: Radium ::: I remember this. While I liked the jumper bottom section, the squeeze was dumb and the rocket wasn't enough.
++ Restricted Access :: Dvip6 ::: Not a terrible puzzle map.
++ RhYS :: osiris ::: Fucking rad tiles. Absolutely amazing.
++ Ripple Effect :: maxson924 ::: That last jump is a bitch.
++ Rithms Help Your Two Hips Move :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Fun thwumps, but lacks an enemy.
++ robin nest :: Viil ::: Dual rockets was cool. Kind of short.
++ Rocketboom spotlight :: crescor ::: Solid puzzle! 100% love it. Userlevel'd.
++ Rockey Crag :: Ferox ::: The laser was quite tough, but the design is quite nice.
++ root://GENETICS :: furry_ant ::: Interesting tiles, but I didn't like the laser.
++ RUNNING ALL NIGHT!! :: PALEMOON ::: Sick-ass tiles. Good job.
++ sandpaper box :: notkitt ::: I liked the bottom jumps more than the top box.
++ Santa Monica Alleyway :: Lightning55, squibbles ::: I like how each little part had its own enemy, but it's disorganized.
++ Save the Castle, Screw the Princess :: furry_ant ::: No enemies up top means lackluster gameplay throughout.
++ Scars :: Dvip6 ::: I expected a long string of jumps but was let down.
++ scratch. that. shit. :: sidke ::: I didn't like the first room but I loved maneuvering around the chainguns.
++ seafarer's attrition :: pikman, RandomDigits ::: Quirky, but the enemies didn't work.
++ Security :: DW40 ::: Pretty map. More gold would be nice.
++ Semi-feral. Nimble through the sleeping city. :: DW40 ::: A nice gold moon would put this map together.
++ SEX MAP :: max_ride ::: I really loved the gold combined with the tileset.
++ Shadow Complex: i :: mahi_mahi ::: The seeker placement was off, but it was really cool.
++ shaft conflict :: Radium ::: I really love these intricate maps. Userlevel'd.
++ Shake These Chains Loose v1.1 :: RandomDigits ::: I love this style of map, but there have been better versions of it.
++ Shattered Egos :: Nexx ::: This map would have been amazing as a minejumper.
++ She's Unfair, She doesn't see :: UndeadPie ::: This map was deceptively hard.
++ Shellfish Shirt :: yungerkid ::: As simple as it is, it's really fun to route.
++ shootout :: apse ::: Wonderful map. Very fun layout and gold placement. Userlevel'd.
++ Shuttle :: kablamo ::: Quite nice. I wish the rockets were moved closer to the tiles though.
++ Sidewinder :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: It wasn't terribly challenging, and it could have been.
++ Silence the Sorrow, Rein the Fury :: furry_ant, ChaoStar ::: Horrible enemy choices.
++ Silly face baby cracks up her head :: crescor ::: Waste of a potentially clever puzzle map.
++ Simple Satisfaction :: fireburnsfree ::: It's fun, but I wish the chaingun was more prominent.
++ sin :: apse ::: It has a great flow, but it's boring.
++ Sin30 :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Pretty atob-esque tiles, but a bit too empty.
++ Six, A Sticky Situation :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Very pretty, but maybe one seeker would be better.
++ Skeletal Gorilla Lovers :: Conen ::: The superfluous objects distracted from the rest of the map.
++ Skybase Cocaine :: flagmyidol ::: I liked the bottom more than the top section.
++ Skyfall :: flagmyidol ::: Thwump puzzles are cool. I liked the gausses a lot too.
++ Skytower 004 :: numa_ninja ::: Change the enemies to one well-placed laser and you've got yourself a winner.
++ Slow down :: crescor ::: Gorgeous tiles.
++ Slow Night, So Long :: karmap0lice ::: Slick design, and good gold placement. Userlevel'd.
++ Smoke From The Redwood Factories :: UndeadPie ::: This map was poorly-constructed.
++ smokin' :: sidke ::: What a dumb map.
++ Solo. :: Inspired ::: Needs something else.
++ Some Chinese mark, I dunno.. :: UndeadPie ::: If this had more than one obvious route, it would be an instant keeper.
++ Sometimes Repulsive, Often Covered In Blood, Always Half Buried :: UndeadPie ::: It's like a map pretending to be hard.
++ Souptacular! :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: As far as simple maps go, it's pretty good.
++ Space Dock - All Men Aboard in T minus 6 :: UndeadPie ::: Irritating map. Poor enemy choices.
++ Spacecat :: crescor ::: Hmmm, better gold placement might've helped this. And the bottom needs mines.
++ Spade :: script ::: Kind of a gross-looking map. Didn't like any of it.
++ Speakerphone :: KlanKaos ::: The drone timing was rough, but I liked the basics of it.
++ Spent It All :: Viil ::: I really liked the bottom section.
++ Splooge :: DW40 ::: I thought it was cramped, but I really liked the gold.
++ Square Beach :: 29403 ::: Really nice design. Userlevel'd.
++ standing in the way of my emotions :: natures_peril ::: I think that if you had varied the gold and bounceblock layout this would have been great.
++ Stardock Harbour; Gunship Dock. :: furry_ant ::: I didn't like the chainguns much.
++ starting, stranded. :: max_ride ::: Boring map. Cool tiles.
++ Steambot Barracks; The Intruder :: el_devo ::: Too many seekers and not enough thought put into the pathing.
++ Stoning the Birds :: EdoI ::: Lazy minejumper. Could have been more fun.
++ Strange Ways Coming Today :: script ::: Insta-faved. Userlevel'd.
++ Sublimitas :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Weird map with unusual routes.
++ Submerged in the Golden Waves of Grass; You, Asleep. :: mintnut ::: You might've misplaced the ninja, but the design is good.
++ Subscriptional Midecile :: Viil ::: Get rid of the locked doors and this would be nice.
++ Super-Massive Black Hole :: hooha2x2sday ::: Wow, for a single enemy this is really good.
++ Surefire Way to Fit Both Feet Inside an Aluminum Can :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Interesting map, but I didn't like the gold placement.
++ Suspended. :: Ad ::: I liked the normal doors, but not the exit placement.
++ Systematics :: Nexx ::: I like the concept, but I think it could be formed better. Userlevel'd.
++ Tabemono BFOM :: sidke ::: Fun rocket placement, but I think the layout was bad.
++ Take A Running Guess. Head First, Preferably :: Ad ::: Cool use of teleporters.
++ Take My Children :: ChrisE ::: I think that if the chainguns had been behind the triangles, this would have been perfect.
++ Tassles :: hooha2x2sday ::: Very very very fun map. Userlevel'd.
++ Telephonic Invasion :: hooha2x2sday ::: With less gold this would be nice.
++ That was just your life :: Rhekatou ::: Simple but well-made.
++ The 30th March :: Inspired ::: One or two hidey-holes would improve the gameplay significantly.
++ The Beginning Of The End :: Viil ::: This needs to be a minejumper because as is it's boring.
++ The Construction Site :: UndeadPie ::: The trap doors were rather unnecessary, but I liked the
++ The Count of Tuscany (Pt. I) :: KlanKaos ::: Big fan of the aesthetics, and the single rocket was great.
++ The Covetous Gardener :: PALEMOON ::: Good tiles, but I didn't like the gold placement.
++ the eternal :: toasters ::: The symmetry here was rather disappointing.
++ the finish :: toasters ::: It was boring, but I liked those seekers a lot.
++ The Flame :: karmap0lice ::: Looked good but was very annoying.
++ The Fourfront Encounter of Nightmarish Dreams :: Lightning55 ::: Too simple for my tastes.
++ The God of Many Waters :: script ::: I love it! Really cool. Userlevel'd.
++ The Height Of Rudeness :: ChrisE ::: Too easy but very fun.
++ The Hunt For Escape :: RandomDigits ::: The tiles look like Kermit the Frog doing pull-ups.
++ the inception :: toasters ::: Rather elegant in its plain design. Much too simple though.
++ the intermediate :: toasters ::: Very fun minejumper, and I love the gold. Userlevel'd.
++ the introduction :: toasters ::: Rather disjointed tiles, but I liked both enemy choices.
++ The Jaws Of Death :: Dvip6 ::: Get rid of either the gauss or the rocket. Too many enemies.
++ The Jigsaw That Doesn't Quite Fit Together :: ChrisE, southpaw ::: The object selection was weird, and I didn't like any of the seekers.
++ the last straw :: Radium ::: Very gloomp-esque map. The rocket and seekers work great. Userlevel'd.
++ The Living Sea :: EdoI, Tunco123 ::: Eh. Some sort of enemy in the top section would be nice.
++ The Machine is Dead :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Really cool map. Small, but enjoyable.
++ the middle :: toasters ::: I didn't like the gold behind the exit, or the seeker.
++ The Monotesticulocalypse and its Impacts on Modern Society :: KlanKaos, aphex ::: Even with two enemies it's a very uninteresting map.
++ The Musical Beat of the Blue Destroyers :: Lightning55 ::: Terrible. If the drones had been confined to different rooms it would've been fine.
++ the never :: toasters ::: Cramped, but I loved the gauss' effectiveness.
++ The Overshining :: Ad ::: It's amazing how well the gameplay suits the tiles. Good map.
++ The Perfect Drug :: Radium, mintnut, Riobe, Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: No coherence at all. Could've been great.
++ the small one :: notkitt ::: Short and sweet.
++ the sometimes :: toasters ::: mahi-esque. Very well contained.
++ The Sprawling Lights of Downtown Tokyo :: furry_ant ::: Cool tiles, bad gold placement.
++ the stop :: toasters ::: No other map is as infuriating as this one.
++ the terminate :: toasters ::: I expected super-launchpads. Also, bad drone choices.
++ The Weird House at the End of the Street :: Blackson ::: Conceptually cool, but I didn't like the gauss part.
++ then you will have something to cry aboot! :: oakstream ::: Good for one play-through. Liked the rocket.
++ There are bridges under this water, :: mahi_mahi ::: The gold was a bit boring, but it was really fun.
++ There Is Never Going To Be A Global Shortage Of Temperature. :: UndeadPie ::: Once I figured out how to get to the exit switch, I decided that I absolutely loved it. Userlevel'd.
++ theres no easy way in, theres no shortcut home :: natures_peril ::: Horrible gold/trigger placement on a good-looking map.
++ Thin Line Between Heaven And Here, I :: seven_two ::: As previously commented on NUMA, pretty but the next one is the best.
++ Thin Line Between Heaven And Here, II :: seven_two ::: Fucking perfect.
++ Thin Line Between Heaven And Here, III :: seven_two ::: There's just too much going on.
++ Thirty Thousand Bodies (Ghost) ( ) :: gloomp ::: It's like a bad gloomp m--- wait...
++ this city :: notkitt ::: The oneway layout was cool, but I didn't like the rockets.
++ This One's Previous :: UndeadPie ::: Reminded me of Addicted_Ancestor maps.
++ Thwump :: bufar ::: ChrisE made a similar map which was much better.
++ Titanium Dioxide :: DW40 ::: I got the idea, but it was badly executed.
++ Tragic. :: Inspired ::: Boring map.
++ treelol or LOLTrEE? :: mahi_mahi ::: I'm sad that filler maps made it into this pack.
++ Trespassing :: Rule ::: I love how well the single rocket works. Didn't like the lock door setup.
++ Try 5698213 :: kkstrong, mintnut ::: Your styles mesh so well, but the lack of routing was a bummer.
++ TTYGHFFHDDHRUG DJfIR :: Ad ::: Very good tiles, but some of the objects were confusing, if not unnecessary.
++ tumble tower :: Radium ::: As I said on NUMA, it's pretty rough around the edges, but I liked all the enemies individually.
++ TUNNELS DEEPER THAN YOUR MIND :: UndeadPie ::: I really liked the drone puzzle, and it's very replayable.
++ Two :: southpaw ::: Confusing. It could be streamlined.
++ U - Boat :: UndeadPie ::: I didn't like the superfluous switches.
++ U-mass :: crescor ::: Really liked the three chainguns, but the layout was a bit dull.
++ Ultraviolet Lady Opera :: gloomp ::: If you had varied the objects at all I would have liked this more.
++ unavoidable tint :: notkitt ::: Cool map! I like the bounceblock setup and the gold patterns. Userlevel'd.
++ Underneath is the Fire :: mahi_mahi ::: Much too cluttered.
++ Unknown Map 282 :: ChrisE, RandomDigits ::: Had potential.
++ Unnecessary Precautions :: ChrisE ::: Cool tiles, but if one rocket had been, say, a laser, it would have been a lot better.
++ Unreachable Heights :: Dvip6 ::: I was let-down when this didn't turn into a puzzle map.
++ Uplink .32 :: numa_ninja ::: If you had expanded this more, it would have been worth it.
++ Upside-Down, Back To Front and Slightly To The Left :: ChrisE ::: Ehhhhh. Nothing special.
++ Uvod (Valter Brani Sarajevo) :: gloomp ::: Ouch, what a trash heap of a map.
++ Valley Forge :: Conen ::: Very interesting aesthetics. Wish there was more breathing room though.
++ vent :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Boxy map. I liked the drones.
++ Ventrilo at 2am :: kkstrong ::: Sweet tiles with useless gameplay.
++ villa :: Radium ::: Loved the curvy tileset, but not the enemy choices.
++ Violent Pony Killers :: maxson924 ::: Boring. Could be expanded more.
++ Violin Future :: gloomp ::: Nothing about this is anything like a gloomp map.
++ Vying Inimical Subconstructs Shards of Voidreality Steamdeath :: yungerkid ::: If this had been drones and not a guass it would be really nice.
++ Wandering Hearts :: Nexx, Riobe ::: Really cool tiles. I would've liked cooler mines.
++ Watch Where You Spit :: MyCheezKilledYours ::: Felt like a script map. If the top section had included an enemy, I would have enjoyed it more.
++ We found your brother in the harvester, hands don't hold forever :: mintnut ::: I love how it's clear that this is a mintnut map, but it's still an easy map.
++ We Hold Redemption High :: mahi_mahi ::: Needed more gold and maybe a way out from the top right, but otherwise it's good.
++ We Needed a Name :: sidke, Riobe ::: I loved the flow of this map. However, it's very sparse.
++ We Never Change :: karmap0lice ::: Dumb map.
++ We. Will. Kill him. :: mahi_mahi ::: It had too many enemies and the movement was too restricted.
++ Welcome to Japan, Little Aliens. :: furry_ant ::: Cramped. Didn't like any of the enemies.
++ Welcome to MOA! :: kkstrong ::: It looks fine, but it's missing that kkstrong flair I'm used to.
++ Welcome to my Whirled... :: ChaoStar ::: Some gold was poorly placed, but I really enjoyed the jumps.
++ Western Vines :: mahi_mahi ::: All the pieces individually were fine, but there was no coherence with the map. I loved the floorguard though.
++ When Filth :: Theodore ::: I am blown away by how good this is. Userlevel'd.
++ Where The Box Kites Roam :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: Some parts were clunky, but I loved the design.
++ White Tooth Man :: karmap0lice ::: Simple but very clever.
++ Who Could This Be? :: Riobe ::: The dual rockets work excellently, and I love the chimney. Userlevel'd.
++ Why Does It Always Rain On Me!? :: Dvip6 ::: Floating tile maps have been better.
++ Why Two Gauss? :: Guitar_Hero_Matt ::: While is was visually uninteresting, they gameplay was nice.
++ Winged Aspirations :: script ::: It's a strange map, but not in a good way.
++ Withdraw :: hooha2x2sday ::: Very very clever layout. And very replayable. Userlevel'd.
++ Wolf In A Costume :: UndeadPie ::: Bad gold, but fun map.
++ World. :: numa_ninja ::: Ruined by the trap doors.
++ Worth the Return Timelines :: pikman, toasters, gloomp, ChaoStar, ChrisE ::: Completely disjointed and not fun.
++ Writing with Broken Fingers, Looking at the Sky with You. :: mintnut ::: Simple puzzle with great gameplay. Userlevel'd.
++ Xoran :: mahi_mahi ::: Boring tiles and gameplay.
++ Xplosion/Virus :: Riobe, Radium ::: Rough map. Didn't like the chaingun at all.
++ Yew Die Now :: gloomp ::: Didn't feel like a gloomp map at all. Too restrictive.
++ Yokohama Bayside Night :: sidke ::: Good tiles, but man was the gameplay stilted by the enemies.
++ YOU GOT AN ANGEL ON YOUR SHOULDERRR :: Sunset ::: What a great layout. It needs work though. Userlevel'd.
++ your check bounced, sir :: natures_peril ::: Some well-timed horizontal drones would make this fantastic.
++ Your Darling, I Love You not as Much :: Theodore ::: Dumb.
++ ZERO ZERO - ZERO :: PALEMOON ::: Cool tiles.
++ [Voda]FALL :: mahi_mahi ::: Easier movement around the center is required, but it's okay.



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