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Postby NyanCat_Polska » 2014.09.26 (13:32)

Hello all people!
PS.I am new on this forum,so my presentation about my person later ;3
As you know ( or not ._. ) i have YouTube account,and i upload my replays of N Runs. And i will make on them something different.
Namely,my videos would show the active of players from Nv2.0 and NReality.
For example : You gives me a players nicknames and i make a survey. 1 player - 1 video.
1 vid on week :D
Surveys on strawpoll ofc. c:
golfkid gives me idea about this project,and i will realize it :3
Big thanks for him !
Please think about this and help with me,with making this.
It would be cool,and gives a fun for all N Players :D
Youtube Acc : https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAlo145
rest of info in discuss.
Alan \o/

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