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N Hall of Fame

Posted: 2016.07.03 (14:07)
by SpartaX18
As posted on the Nv2 Forum:
SpartaX18 wrote:Hey!

I've had the idea for a Nv2 Hall Of Fame for almost a year now, i believe. I tried to speak about it to people on chat, but well, that's just a chat, where everything stays unofficial. Therefore, i'm making this post, which is NOT an announcement stating that it will happen. This is honestly just an idea announcement.

And so i'm here to ask a simple question - do you think it's a good idea? And if you think it is, please PM me your suggestions on how it should work. I'm open for debates :)

So, basically, the v2 community rather agreed upon that being a good idea and it will happen within that circle. However, i wanted to integrate it with this community, because the Nv2.0 community may have just a little too few users.

Tell me what you think about that and feel free to ask any questions.

Further information (a little Q&A): ... nouncement

Re: N Hall of Fame

Posted: 2016.07.04 (12:43)
by Vyacheslav
Anyone currently active will automagically be entered into the Hall of Fame.

Re: N Hall of Fame

Posted: 2016.07.04 (14:42)
by SpartaX18
That's not what i'm aiming for. The name isn't all, i just wanted to create something to honor the veterans. They don't even need to be in the fame elite.