Area Trigger Viewer & Demo Builder By el_devo

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Postby Paradox » 2012.01.19 (02:28)

el_devo has made 2 great programs, both are written in C# (same as modmaster)

The Area Trigger Viewer, it accepts area trigger data & generates an image of the location of the area triggers, el_devo has said he may update it later

Area Triggers version or AreaTriggers.exe if you have .net 4.0


The Demo Builder, it generates demo data for inputted demo movements

Demo Builder version


el_devo has also said he may merge these into one program

<el_devo> I will probably merge them later
<el_devo> Yeah I'd put them in the same one
<el_devo> make it a full fledged editor
<el_devo> with view support
<el_devo> and demos
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Postby el_devo. » 2012.01.19 (02:30)

My name is el_devo and I approve this message.

Also the demo builder might have a few bugs, let me know if you find one.

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