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Postby Traveleravi » 2013.03.02 (23:02)

I thought that Ymous was a really great Idea minus the part where the anonymity allowed stupid people to run act like complete idiots and spam comments... But I still really like the idea of mapping anonymously. I think that playing a map by an author you don't know is a great way to enjoy a map without any real bias.

I also love how the people who make maps are more than simply a collection of users. I think that many of us are influenced by a lot of other people. Anyway... I thought it would be cool if we could combine these two things.

I would like to encourage anyone who wants to thank someone anonymously or just wants to give people a map without attaching their name/reputation to it to send me maps either as PM's or in IRC along with the name of the person you want to dedicate the map to. I will compile the maps into a mappack and then put it here for anyone to enjoy. I promise to keep everyone anonymous and keep the people submitting maps secret. Im hoping we can get 25-50 maps together.

In the txtfile the maps will be organized in the same way throughout the mappack. For example a map called Potato dedicated to me would be like this: $Potato#Traveleravi#ymous#MAPDATA#

Oh... Um if anyone wants to dedicate a map to me in order to keep it anonymous please ask someone else to give it to me without telling me.
Uh and if anyone else knows of a flaw in my plan you should tell me that as well.

I hope this works...
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Postby Leonidas » 2013.03.03 (00:53)

Sounds cool. Good idea but I think this will mainly just be a casual topic, don't expect everyone to jump on this and start mapping anonymously.

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