how to make only backward moving thwump?

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Postby paTE » 2013.06.10 (12:28)

how make a just back going thwump. I saw many in many dda's.

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Postby trance » 2013.06.10 (14:47)

To make them them move backwards, you need to edit the thwump code's X/Y value for some of them. If the deadly side is facing up or left, no code editing is required. However, if the deadly side of the thwump is facing down, edit the Y value so that is one less. Same applies for if it is facing right, but edit the X value the same way.

The thwump code should look like this: 8^336,300,2 . The 336 is the X value and the 300 is the Y value. Just one more thing to note, make sure that the thwump is sticking out half a tile along the grid line. You can get a full grid by either pressing "L" in the editor and/or if you're using NReality, just click the "GRID" function near the top left.

The map data above is sort of a reference, but if you have any questions, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
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