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Postby mathy » 2017.03.11 (21:30)

A very long time ago, I planned to make this project called "UltraNReality" that would be a full extension of NReality with levels from many mappacks including some of mine. Back then, I couldn't actually put any of it into practice.

Now, I actually see myself being able to extend NReality. It would start modest at first, with a simple replacement of all the levels (at first, I would probably just replace, as adding new columns seems harder) and perhaps a few new tiles. This is something I can easily achieve by myself, although I am planning to include one column of my own levels so I will have to make them first. Given an .swf compiler, replacing columns seems doable. As I had intended to call that old project UltraNReality, this is my working name.

The first version would contain episodes 200 to 399 (my column is 350) but they would be labelled 0 to 199. (Shifting the numbers may mess other things up for now).

I have a version of the Super Crunchy column (340) but decompiled. Once I compile this into a .swf file I will upload this as a demo.

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Postby aids » 2017.03.12 (08:09)

Well, best of luck to you. A few years back sir sidke was an active NReality modifier, I had planned to compile a series of new columns for the game, comprising of maps from mappacks submitted throughout the years. Never finished it though, you're welcome to check it out.


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