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Postby mathy » 2017.03.11 (21:38)

During my decompilation of the NReality columns, I found something interesting. We all know of the cheats for the regular Metanet columns. However, it turns out that there are also cheats for the two blue_tetris columns (but not the Legacy columns). Most of these are phrases and these all capitalised (the password seems to be case-sensitive) unlike the normal passwords so it is probably near-impossible to discover this by pure guesswork.


101: Mathematical ugly
102: Breathe the cityscape
103: An outing with Orange
104: Life sans literature
105: Games people play
106: Genres depeche modes
107: Around the world
108: House party
109: Televised
111: Things which are hot or cute, but not both
112: Arts or crafts
113: N, for nomad
114: From poetry to prose
115: The thumbnails quite honestly rock
116: Fleeting memories of last night's abduction
117: Science sandwich
118: Mapping under pressure
119: Mind over matter

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