[Bug] Tile drones break doors?

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Postby amomentlikethis » 2012.10.13 (19:39)

I haven't really worked with Tile Drones before, so this map is crap, but here is an example:


As soon as the Tile Drone comes within a 2-tile radius of a door, the door will become glitched allowing you to walk straight through it. The side furthest from the drone is unaffected, meaning you can end up stuck inside:


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Postby Yoshimo » 2012.12.09 (20:41)

That's a really strange effect. The one-sided door might explain why the doors in 136604 are so piercable.

I can't say I'm surprised, though, given the engine and other door glitches. Tiledrones seem to write new collision details to tiles, so maybe the tile next to it got it's collision wiped, thereby having it's half of the door erased, but the other half retained it's collision, accounting for the one-sided door effect.


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