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Postby Pikman » 2009.10.29 (19:31)

Okay, this is a terrible deck. It's not intended for competitive play at all, simply because 1/10 of it is forbidden cards. It also hinges on getting out Wall of Revealing Light as fast as possible to prevent the monsters in this deck - mostly level 1 or 2 - from getting killed before they use their effects. A lot of cards are wasted, such as Nimble Momonga just for the LP increase and not to draw any more of its kind. Still, it works well because there's a lot of options for restoring lost LP, and as soon as the Wall of Revealing Light is up, only trap breakers can stop it. There's help for the little guys to destroy powerful monsters through effects from Cat's Ear Tribe and White Ninja. It wins easily against my little brother, but it has its easy flaws.
Nightmare Horse
Nimble Momonga
Morphing Jar #2
Millennium Scorpion
Cyber Jar (NOTE: Forbidden as of 9/1 for Advanced; Limited for Traditional)
Man-Eater Bug x2
Cat's Ear Tribe
White Ninja
Fox Fire x2
Giant Germ
Raging Flame Sprite
Zolga x2
Marie the Fallen One
The Unhappy Maiden
Medusa Worm
Blade Rabbit
Dancing Fairy
Mysterious Puppeteer
D.D. Survivor
Fiber Jar (NOTE: Forbidden as of 9/1 for Advanced; Limited for Traditional)
Sangan (NOTE: Limited as of 9/1 for both Advanced and Traditional)

Mask of Dispel x2
Dark Hole (NOTE: Forbidden as of 9/1 for Advanced; Limited for Traditional)
Enchanting Fitting Room
Dian Keto the Cure Master
Monster Reborn (NOTE: Forbidden as of 9/1 for Advanced; Limited for Traditional)
Creature Swap
Snatch Steal (NOTE: Forbidden as of 9/1 for Advanced; Limited for Traditional)

The Paths of Destiny
Trap Hole
Enchanted Javelin
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Wall of Revealing Light (NOTE: Limited as of 9/1 for both Advanced and Traditional)
Type Zero Magic Crusher
Threatening Roar
Gift of the Mystical Elf

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Postby Aldaric » 2009.11.08 (18:39)

I used all my yugioh cards to hide my bad test grades from my mom. They are sitting in a box in my closet back is the US on top of those terrible tests. :)

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Postby Neil_Bryan » 2009.11.30 (03:18)

I used to bring Yugioh cards when I was Grade 6 (maybe) and I secretly play at school. Now, I don't play anymore, but some still do, in the other sections. I sometimes trade with them. Thanks to them, I relived my passion for Yugioh. (Sort of.)

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OMG THIS IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not)

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Postby Izzy » 2010.03.25 (01:16)

Nobody checks this thread, but those Gladiator Beasts are real bitches. D:<

I'm needing Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Mirror Force, and some Black Horns of Heaven. :/
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Postby DraxoBox » 2013.08.26 (05:02)

Luminaflare wrote:You guys seen the latest anime series? They ride motor bikes to duel now...


One would think they would've crashed into something already...it's just not safe driving.

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