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Postby Spawn of Yanni » 2009.11.11 (22:37)

Aldaric wrote:
Flight wrote:
EdoI wrote:especially because you have no control of the ball when playing like this.

You never actually have "control" of the ball in foosball. It's like a large scale pong.

You are just wrong on this. Professionals usually have control of the ball as they pass it from player to player, and only loose control if the other player is good enough to mess up their jive.
It is nothing like ping pong.

a) He said pong.

b) I also disagree that you never have control of the ball in foosball. I'm saying that control doesn't necessarily involve careful dainty touches down the field.
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Postby Aldaric » 2009.11.11 (22:50)

Oh... sorry about the ping pong/ pong mix up. I'm a jerk...
Also, I'll get off my high horse and say that it doesn't matter how you play it. As long as your having fun I don't care.. I used spin back in the day and enjoyed it, so why not? Spin can make casual foosballing more fun. I just don't want people to say that it is a game of pure luck and just spinning the crap out of your players. It can be that, but it can be so much more.

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Postby Mute Monk » 2009.11.11 (23:02)

I, like atob, have been consistently beaten at Foosball by a much younger relative, and so am slightly sour towards the game. Unfairly, but I can't help it.
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Postby otters~1 » 2009.11.11 (23:59)

Aldaric wrote:It can be that, but it can be so much more.

Never thought I'd hear that said about foosball.
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Postby moonlight » 2010.03.15 (23:49)

I love fooseball, but I'm a cheater and spin the handles as fast as I can. :P

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Postby kai » 2010.03.23 (12:08)

29403 wrote:What is fooseball?

Fooseball is the DEVIL!!!

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