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Postby Drathmoore » 2011.07.28 (23:58)

Arstar 2.0 is a reboot of the forum RPG game Arstar, to which various users took the role of different characters and role-played their choices and actions when faced with particular cirumstances - think Dungeons and Dragons, without the dice rolling.

The story is set around 200 years after the main events of Arstar (which have been written, but the most recent stories, of which could be classed as the conclusion of Arstar, have yet to make it to the original thread). Peace returned to Arstar after the battle against the First, but merely briefly. The countries of the world - all but Aegis having been nearly wiped out in the 8-year-long war - slowly recovered, albeit into shadows of their former glory. Countries began talking to each other, which lead to the formation of alliances with other nearby nations, and then eventually large empires, that spanned the length and breadth of the world. While these empires currently co-exist somewhat peacefully, skirmishes between them have begun to become more and more bloody. It is feared that war will soon take the world again...

None of this, however, is of imminent concern of Terrance Trask, a travelling merchant upon the floating continent of Aegis. Travelling within a small party, himself and the others with him have no idea of the part they will play in Arstar's future.

Basically, RPs are written using our IRC channel (#arstar on, with usually at least two characters involved. They can vary between character development, right through to major events in the story. There's no regular time for when they're written - RPs are planned shortly in advance, and then run in the #arstar channel. Please note that if a RP is being written, please use (( double brackets )) to speak outside of the RP. We also use another channel, #arstarchat, to speak outside of RPs.

Information regarding the previous story of Arstar can be found in the original Arstar thread, and also at .

Stay tuned for the first RP, which will most likely be up within a few days.

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Postby xwd » 2011.07.29 (02:09)

The official meta channel is #teatime. We use #altstar for dual RP action. We also sometimes use #nethack which is about roguelikes and RPGs, of which Arstar falls into the latter.

This post has been designated the character info dump post and will be edited as there is more info to dump. Using people's IRC nicks, in no particular order:

Mine is Roland Egwelln (with permission from Drathmoore.)
Brown eyes, Brown hair. G.oatee. 6 Feet in height, good physical shape.
Profession: Sell-sword, hired by Terrance Task. Owns a cat named Charles. Likes to tinker with machines, and experiment with Magic (FOR SCIENCE). Has a sword passed down the family. (JACK MAYBE) The voices of witches whisper to him every day, all day. Magic: Body/Dark (And then maybe a surprise later on. Thinking of discovering how to make small bursts of other magic.) Plays guitar. Traveling with Terrance. Dislikes loud noises. Loves music.

My character is Terrance Task, a travelling merchant.
He is 6'1", of average build and is competent, at best, physically. He has light blonde hair and gray eyes.
He owns a horse, a cart, and whatever goods he is attempting to sell.
A small dog, beagle, named Sarah, travels with him and eats most his food.
And that's about it. The rest will unfold in game.

After several hours of brainstorming, consulting, and banging my head against the wall, I have a character.
Her name is Minerva, and she considers herself to be a champion of the god Aslier, who appeared to her and knighted her. This convinced her to leave her life of being a maid and train to better serve herself, him, and the world. Currently performing random acts of kindness.
She is 5' 10" tall, very muscularly built, and has short blond hair and hazel eyes. She has a set of plate armor made out of advanced magical alloys that don't weigh nearly as much as you'd expect, and wields a fairly standard longsword.
Her magic is Life and Primal / Light. She believes to get these powers from Aslier.
She is charming to strangers, loyal to friends, and merciful to enemies. Her main hobby is wrestling, she particularly enjoys using submissions.

Devin Lang
He is skilled at the more larcenous activities and dabbles in magic, in which his aspects are Mind and Death. He is intelligent and cold-hearted, but not selfish. He is a living embodiment of the idea that the ends justify the means, doing all the right things in all the wrong ways. He grew up in poverty but quickly learned his way around. He has several blades and daggers hidden on his person and knows how to use them, but avoids doing so. (If he is using daggers something has already gone wrong)
He is rather generic looking, with blue eyes and black hair cut short. He is a of average height and a bit on the skinny side. He wears leather armor, most of the time hidden under grey clothing.

Name: Gunngeir
Age: 19 (a bit more than 20 in lizard years)
Appearance: A red lizardperson, a bit taller than your average human (6'2), a slightly bulky build, mostly muscle mass. Radiation-hazard-esque tattoo on his left lower arm, as a slave brand. Generally doesn't wear anything, but nothing is externally obvious, do to reptilian anatomy.
Background: Came to Seros from a far off island. The island hit its sustainable population limit, and he was sent off with two other people to find new lands to occupy. The other two died on the way to Seros, and Gunngeir was left starved, with nothing to eat, before he finally touched land. Unfortunately, he hit land on a slave owners property, and was quickly 'hired' by the slaver. After a bit more than two years, the slaver was assassinated and Gunngeir escaped in the resulting chaos.

Hawke Riviene (Real name Claire Hawke.) 6'2", white-blonde hair and blue eyes. Tall and thin. Magic affinities: Atmos and Charge (Storm Mage). A happy-go-lucky boy who is most certainly not a girl. No sirree. Carries a spear and wears a breastplate, which contains manly muscles and certainly not any female breasts. Was not raised at an all girl's school for the gifted. Is not any sort of noble, especially not the female kind. Just a hard-working boy exploring the world.

His name is Alastair Byrrns. People call him Al.
He grew up in a small town and was lived a fairly standard first few years. Regrettably, he was somewhat ostracised as a child, however by the time he was 20 he had come out of his shell and become an extremely confident person. Despite this, he still feels some degree of resentment to people today. He usually is extremely kind, however he has been known to stab people in the back to further his own gains, regardless of how close he is to them. During his childhood, when he did not have many friends, he turned to the creative arts to entertain himself, and through this has become mildly obsessive. Because of this, he acts in the most meticulous manner - ensuring that every action is precise and exact. Failure is not an option in his eyes, and when it does occur it can send him into a rage that while he usually can control, occasionally has been to great to suppress. His hobbies still to this day include the creative arts, and he never travels anywhere without an instrument. When he isn't playing music, he's either brewing up poisons, potions and lagers, again a product of his desire to create, or heavily abusing the latter. Usually abusing the latter. He is of generally average appearance, which is handy when he needs to get lost in a crowd. At 5"9', with green eyes and dark, thick brown hair, it's never been difficult for him to go unnoticed - for better or for worse.

Lanteril: Not much is known about this young man - there are very few who recognise him. He has short, black hair, and blood red eyes that watch and analyse his surroundings carefully, be there a need to run. Often his facial features are not seen, as Lanteril wears a hood to cast shadow over his face, allong with flexible, yet strong leather armour to protect him from attacks that he cannot dodge. He carries a fair few weapons, including daggers, throwing knives, a hand crossbow (yet he does not carry any bolts for it), and retractable blades in his boots (both front and back). Rumour has it that he works as an assassin, but no one knows for sure.
Magic: Body and Ice.

Aeria (pronounced Air-E-ah): Aeria was born in a distant land. She is unsure of her origins. She's in her mid twenties, but looks much older. She has short, red hair, and isn't shy about it. She's quite a happy person, but bottles her emotions too much. Her only release for these emotions is through her magic, of which she is afraid; she's scared of the powers she has. Her only link to what may have been a past life is a double ended sword (In the real world, one could say it looked of Japanese origin). A very calculating woman normally, she's sometimes subject to schizophrenic outbursts.
Magic: Atmos, Death

People have secondary characters too, because you can never have enough characters. Some of these guys are returning from the original Arstar. Some of them are because we have too many ideas. (You guys should totally give me better descriptions.)

Dr. Wulven. He is dancing on the fine line between life and death with the power of magical science.

Miranda. She loves flowers and can teleport. Terrance doesn't like her.

Valentine Demor. He's a vampire, one of the last ones left.

ChaoStar (again):
Alice. She is the queen of Aegis and does a pretty good job of it. She's half-vampire.

Jack. He's Roland's grandfather. I'm pretty sure he ascended to a higher state of existence.

ChaoStar (again):
Emmy. She is apparently the most powerful being in existence right now, or at least that's what the rumors are.
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Postby ChaoStar » 2011.07.29 (02:15)

Ah mannn. I can't believe we're doing this. I'm still working on the book of the "main" storyline. I'll post updates of that right here.

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Postby squibbles » 2011.07.29 (14:53)


Can you guys run me through the process of becoming involved? Creating a character, what to do, all that? Because I wanted to participate in the first one, but never really understood what was required of me to do so. :/

Tsukatu wrote:I don't know what it is, squibbles, but my brain keeps inserting "black" into random parts of your posts these days.
I totally just read that as, "I'd hate to be the only black guy stuck using v1.4."

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Postby ChaoStar » 2011.07.30 (02:19)

squibbles wrote:OhmygodIwantin

Can you guys run me through the process of becoming involved? Creating a character, what to do, all that? Because I wanted to participate in the first one, but never really understood what was required of me to do so. :/

Basically, sometimes you have to have unending patience because we go on one or two year breaks. :p

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