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Postby capt_weasle » 2010.11.12 (02:16)

From the free-writing sessions (unedited):

I’m not so sure I should be writing. For one thing I just lied to my best friend about wanting to go out for the night. I’m not sure why entirely, but tonight just seems like a night to stay in. A night to write. Strange, it is though, because while I was sitting there contemplating whether or not I should just go join my friends or sit at home and relax (despite the fact that is what I do almost everyday when I’m not either working or going to school), I had this deep urge inside me to write something. I’m not really sure what, but it just struck me as the right thing to do. Funny enough, the moment I sent the text saying how that medicine I’ve been taking for my cough has been making me drowsy and that I think I’d rather stay at home for the night, that deep inner urge to write just disappeared. Well not entirely, I suppose, because here I am writing, but the creativity part of that urge just dropped and I don’t know where it went. For some reason when I have to do something like schoolwork or just work in general, I get it in my head that I just want to do something creative and epic, if you will. Like write an entire novel in one night that’s so good it doesn’t even need to be edited and it will sell off right away with ease and then I can quit my job not because I want to write for a living but because deep down inside I just hate working. I want to do nothing for a living. I think that’s because behind it all, when I’m sitting around doing absolutely nothing I begin to think how my laziness is making me miss the new and exciting things of the world and that one day ill be old and dying and filled with regrets because I chose to play video games instead of go out and meet new people. But that’s bullshit because siting playing video games brigns me a small but significant amount of contentedness and besides its not like if I stepped outside suddenly the world is my oyster and everything exciting will just happen for me. If I went and hung out with my friends tonight instead of just lying and sitting around then perhaps I would do something exciting but in reality I would probably just be sitting around asking each other what we should do and end up just laughing at random videos on the internet or just watching a movie despite that one friend only ever wants to watch the breakfast club while the other only ever is in the mood for horror movies or those stupid cheesy so called comedy movies that are made for a quick buck and don’t reallyt have any substance to them other than HEY LOOK LOL ITS ADAM SANDLER or whoever the hell is staring in it. But my friends laughs at those and hey who am I to judge those movies are fun to watch every now and then with a group of friends but that’s not really what I want to be doing. I want to be writing dammit but I don’t have the motivation to continue past the opening line because it takes me forever to write the opening line in the first place. I think the opening line is one of the most important thigns a book can have even though that’s pretentious bullshit because 1984 opened with it’s a bright cold day in april and fuck I never would have put that down because it sounds so boring and dull yet the second I read that line I was all man what a line its so brilliant yet so simple why didn’t I ever think of that and you know what its because im a little twat who thinks that only really epic openers will really stick with a reader and make sure they don’t think your book is complete rubbish unlike the opening from pride and prejudice man what a line.
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Postby Scrivener » 2010.11.12 (06:53)

What would be the advantages/disadvantages to using small spheres as pixels? Here's what each one would be like. At opposite ends, black and white; around the "equator" are the primaries and their blends, and shade comes when it's closer to the white or black pole. I don't know if this accurately displays every color but i thought it'd be cool. The mechanism for holding them each in place would be fairly simple, but i haven't been able to come up with a good way for a signal sent to each pixel to determine a specific point on the sphere, opposite the desired color, and pull it to the underside somehow so the desired color displays. Maybe lots of little bb's rolling around when a screen gets broken wouldn't be worth it, what are your thoughts?

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