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High Scoring D:

Posted: 2014.08.01 (08:02)
by RedMousy
For a good part of today, I labored at Level 05-0 (matrix splitting techniques), trying to make my humble climb onto the coveted leaderboard spots. It is an incredibly frustrating process. I have gotten 9805, which ties for last place on the leaderboard, and I can't seem to break 9805.

I'm trying to find ways to break that score, but it's hard to do with this current system of replaying levels for high scores. There should be some way to get a score for each complete run you do. Instead, if you don't break your high score, you just get "VICTORY! ...but you didn't get a high score. Keep on trying!". I'm fine with continuing to try, but not when I don't know what my scores are. The scores would be useful to try to determine what's working and what's not working, and whether your method of executing the level is actually viable for the leaderboard. I've been at this for hours, and I'd just like to know if I'm getting anywhere or not.

Feel free to respond to my rant, or to comment on your own experiences with high scoring. :)

Re: High Scoring D:

Posted: 2014.08.04 (20:11)
by 999_Springs
05-0 on v2 is one of those levels where the highscore board is split into two groups, where one group uses a harder route that makes use of the weird thwump glitch to get the highest scores of 9820+, and the lower group (9813-9806) uses the easier route that needs to be really, really clean to get on the scoreboard.

speaking from experience, in levels like this you generally want to be trying the harder route. this is because even if you only manage to do it sloppily you can still get a spot on the board, because of the gap between the two groups of scores. also if you mess up at least you know what you did wrong, whereas if you did the easier route you'd be doing it over and over again blindly trying to squeeze individual frames out. also if you do the easier route, a lot of the time you might end up with a score that would have been top10 if the harder route hadn't been found yet. i did this level last night and got a score of 9808 using the harder route despite being slow on the climb up the right side. using the easier route i only managed to clean it up to 9803. yeah sure doing the hard route is going to be frustrating at the start because you need to get the jump exactly right to get the thwump boost, but try for yourself, and see where it takes you. (i'm zapmeister on n v2)

agreed that the score reporting system needs to be fixed.

Re: High Scoring D:

Posted: 2014.08.07 (18:19)
by ska
thanks... used the trick to get on the board...

agreed that the score reporting system needs to be fixed.[/quote]
Did you mean "what score you got", because the flagging of fake scores also needs fixing, but he never mentioned it.. so it's unclear to me what exactly you meant by that... because both could do with fixing...