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Postby panstromek » 2016.01.23 (23:58)


I think about trying to mod v2. Now don't get it too serious, I just want some coding practice and it would be nice to do something I like and can possibly use if I succeed.
I never wrote anything in ActionScript but it seems like normal Object oriented language so it should be ok to adapt to it after some practice.

So how is that possible? I mean, how it is possible to get the source code. How it was possible to make Nreality? Is it just reverse engineering or it is possible to get source code easier, or author just asked Metanet for it?

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Postby XandoToaster » 2016.01.24 (00:19)

A few people were thinking about modding v2 before, but it didn't pan out. (See: fizzling out )
Metanet seems to be pretty protective of their works, so I don't think it's very likely that they would just hand over the source code. :/

If you're only interested in getting coding practice, I would recommend just making a game from scratch. As long as you keep it simple, it's a lot easier than you would expect. I mean, it takes work, but a very simple game can be made anywhere in a few days to a couple weeks, depending on how much coding experience you have.
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Postby shomman » 2016.01.24 (02:01)

They are very protective - they wouldn't give me all the level data for the v2 metanet when I asked, a while ago.

Also, I believe vrugtehagel had the source code for Nv2. He's not very active though, so I don't know how you'd get in contact with him. His website has nothing about N either.

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Postby OnGle » 2016.08.31 (01:49)

Whoops, wrong board!
(edit) Sorry guys, jumped the gun a bit here on the forums, was actually talking about N++, will post information in relevant board.

(spoiler) Irrelevant Info

Hey Guys saw your post, thought I'd chim in, modding isn't something that occurs because the devs give you the source code, Modding can happen with or without dev consent it'd just be real nice if they allowed us to. (For example GTA4 used AES256 bit encryption on most of their data files, but since it's symmetric encryption, the key has to be stored locally, so some smart blokes found the offset of the key in the exe.)

To mod a game no one else has modded, you need a good hexeditor and probably another form of editor (for notes and or programs to simplify work) . Here's an example:

(Some information of user level offsets and tile definition data found out by me) ... 7664130fae

Basically, forget about writting code for the moment, that's a whole other story. Let's just try and pull apart the files.

I found the map tiles out by putting one of every single tile type (not including entities as of yet) in a map and comparing it side by side with an empty map. I noticed that the first byte difference with a blank map and it was around 0xB8, put one in the bottom right hand corner and noticed it popped up in 0x47D. And since items stored left to right in map are mapped left to right (and top to bottom) in file, one would assume that the entire tile section of the map is written from 0xB8 and 0x47D offsets from the given user level.

I found the map name was a null padded string by changing the name of the map and resaving it and comparing in a hexeditor (no changes either side of string, isn't concrete but if it can't be bigger than 128 bytes, it's almost definitely a string padded to 128 bytes.)

I found the map mode by doing the same as these other techniques, essentially, play with the map, check it in a hex editor, over and over until you have good data, test your theories by moddifying level contents, etc, etc.

Those Offsets are for the first PC hotfix version of the game (if it matters)

Good luck to anyone else looking to mod, pm me if you need any help. :)

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Postby sidke » 2016.08.31 (03:05)

maybe relevant to this is that i messed around with trying to mod n2 in the same way n1.4 can be modded. it didn't succeed

as3 security removed the ability to modify objects and variables of a child movie. not being able to load in with `_lockroot` and modify stuff in place is kind of a drag
if there's a way to make linking code between, then that could work

there don't really seem to be enough benefits in n2 to merit modding it over n1.4. especially for coding practice, modding 1.4 would be a lot easier
if you're interested to do some n modding for coding practice, let me know and i can go into more detail. maybe using the map data instead of the game code would be a better place to start

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