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Re: N v2.0... it's finally out!

Posted: 2015.03.23 (22:22)
by shomman
Corners are tiles, you can run on them, and so you can gain momentum as if they were a regular, shorter slope. You're not getting into the tile and getting bumped off, which is what we call a cj, that's just regular running and jumping. Even if you don't run, in N you gain extra height if at the time of jumping you already had vertical momentum, which is what happens in your map.

Of course its just a matter of definition, if you guys want to call that a cj do it (I wouldn't recommend it though, as you can get confused with the real cj). What really matters here, is that the real cj as we know it, is impossible, because the new physics engine just doesn't allow it. If you've played N v1.4 enough, you'll know the difference, because these cjs are very different from the real ones, you can feel it by just seeing it.

Ahh rightyo, thanks man

Yeah, corner jumps in 1.4 are awesome.

Re: N v2.0... it's finally out!

Posted: 2018.05.07 (07:56)
by oxymoron93
See thread creation date. Now, check this post date. Close!