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Postby MMDE » 2015.12.06 (05:15)

So, I've streamed the game several times through PS4. Done several hours long streams etc. This is the kind of stuff people see when they go look at the game.

Anyways, twitch muted some of the audio on one of my videos, and I bet youtube does the same thing then.

One of the claims were incorrect I think, namely this song:
So I appealed that, but, one of them were correct...

That would be this song:
Rival Consoles - Recovery

Very annoying when stuff like that happens. I wish I could remove certain songs from the auto-play list. Do anyone have a complete list of tracks that are safe/unsafe to upload videos with?

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Postby raigan » 2016.02.12 (14:54)

hey -- we're going to add an option to automatically mute problem songs, but in the meantime you can manually mute stuff from the playlist by pressing Square (sadly this isn't documented anywhere.. whoops)

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