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Postby Nahoj » 2016.08.31 (13:36)

Hi there

We are now an official N++ Discord Server.
Here's your invite >> https://discord.gg/umGncGh
This invite link will never expire, so feel free to share it with your friends!
We hope you'll join us, and look forward to hanging out with you!
Curentely we have Mare Sheppard on this Discord and Raigan Burns will be soon to follow.
You can directly ask questions at Mare and get answers or from the community members. We have 230 members from N/N+/N++.

What is Discord? Discord is a community-building VOIP and text chat application that can be accessed from your browser, mobile phone, or through its desktop app. Users can create and join unique servers, message each other one-on-one or in group chats, communicate via voice and text channels, and more.
You can either continue to use your web browser of choice, or download the standalone app for Windows, Mac, iOS or Android!
Windows and Mac standalone have a really awesome DARK theme (available in settings).

Original post by DanyDanman from the Discord server.

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