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The Vivid Realities

Posted: 2012.08.25 (09:15)
by aids
So, capt_weasle and I are thinking about making a choose-your-own-adventure style thread. He's going back to school soon so it's activeness will be based on when he has free time. The story will be a third-person narrative about Benji, a young boy who discovers that he can lucid dream. I'll provide more of the storyline and Camden will illustrate with three-panel images. Each week members can come up with different things that Benji can do in his dream (or whatever is happening in the story), and I'll choose one and continue the story accordingly.

Again, this depends on how much free time Camden has and how much you all participate. If it ends up petering out, oh well. But I'd like to bring life back to the forums and a CYOA is definitely the way to go.

Re: The Vivid Realities

Posted: 2012.08.26 (21:35)
by capt_weasle
Awww yeeeaaaah

also this is apparently my first post since March o.o