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Postby Johan1996 » 2014.05.03 (19:59)

First of all: This topic has been copied from the Nv2.0 forums and I thought this would be interesting for the people on here too.
Link to the original post: ... ng-contest
So.. here you go:

I had an idea about a ranking system for Nv2.0. Now as this idea will probably never be implemented and some people didn't like some parts of the idea, I thought: why not manage a similar system myself?

How it works:

I have made an account on Nv2.0 called 'NPoints Official' on which I will publish 3-5 maps every monday from now on.
Only maps published by that account will give you 'Npoints' counting toward your rating.
However everyone is allowed to submit maps for me to publish on that account, but not all of them will be accepted.
You are allowed to play your own maps but you will NOT gain NPoints for it.

If you want to submit a map to me just send the link of the unpublished map in an email  (that is [email protected]) or PM here on the forum.

- Here's an example of how the maps will be called:
[NPoints] Map 1 - Week 1 [Made by Johan1996]
- Every sunday I will give all of the players that played a map their NPoints.
- You DO NOT have to sign up for this contest. Playing one of the maps is enough to be put on the leaderboard.
- All maps will only distribute NPoints ONCE and that is after 1 week of publishing.

How to earn Npoints:
Every sunday I will take a look at all of the active maps of the past week and distribute the points to everyone who is in either 1 or more of the leaderboards.

The amount of points every spot gives you:
1st spot = 10 points
2nd spot = 9 points
3rd spot = 8 points
4th spot = 7 points
5th spot = 6 points
6th spot = 5 points
7th spot = 4 points
8th spot = 3 points
9th spot = 2 points
10th spot = 1 point

Example: A player gets a 1st, 5th and 9th spot in the 5 maps that I've published. That means that he'll get 10 points for 1st, 6 points for 5th and 2 points for 9th, so that is a total 18 points for that player

Click here to open the NPoints leaderboard.

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Postby ska » 2015.01.08 (05:49)

Wow, I'm actually really impressed that you've had 120 different players in this comp!

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