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Postby XandoToaster » 2015.01.26 (21:33)

I got to thinking recently, after cooperverdon had gotten an episode ownage, about another accomplishment that I'm not sure has been named. If getting all the 0ths in an episode is an "Episode Ownage", what is it called if you get a top 10 on every level in an episode? Obviously this would not be nearly as impressive an accomplishment as an ownage, but I would think that it is fairly common, and still somewhat impressive.

So I wanna know what you guys think of this. Is there some archaic term from the mid-2000s that the 1.4 players devised for this situation? Does this feat even warrant a name? What should it be called? Are there other accomplishments that deserve names? What are your thoughts?
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Postby Oleary15 » 2015.01.26 (22:00)

Episode Mediocrity!

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Postby ska » 2015.01.27 (05:37)

I think it should be called a 'set'.

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Postby shomman » 2015.02.09 (10:51)

I think "Episode Mediocrity is a good term for all 5 top 10's and maybe an "Episode Set" is for a top 5 in each level. I know oxymoron93 is going for top 5 count.

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