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Postby onyx77 » 2015.01.27 (06:20)

I have recently rekindled the good times I have had playing the N series of games and I wanted to drop a line and share my appreciation for a software company and game who has played it right from just about every angle...

I first started playing N around 2005 during my second year of law school. At the time, N proved to be a perfect way to quickly take a break for a few minuets and try and beat whatever episode I was stuck on. As I continued to play, I was also getting better and better at the game and spending more and more time with it (to the point when I was playing on laptop, I thought it would catch on fire from the intense rendering that was going on during some of the more lengthy gaming sessions). During that period of my life, I had no dedicated gaming system and N for PC really did help me achieve the breaks I needed and most certainly helped me keep my sanity at times (and go insane trying to beat other levels at times too!).

I have always been a huge fan of platform games and I remember absolutely believing that N could be a solid franchise for years to come. To me, it already had the polish of graphics and I figured with the introduction of new elements, people would continue to check it out and once they did, they would be hooked like I was.

Most certainly one of the best decisions which could have ever been made was the inclusion of the level editor and the ability to play other user created levels. Thankfully, the level making community was and is strong .Previewing, playing, and ranking the levels improved over time and the game just kept on getting better and better somehow. Just think about it for a moment... Arguably one of the best platformers ever created contained a free level editor with an active community creating levels. So basically a never ending favorite game of mine! Cant say that too many times in your life :)

Over time, other aspects of life caused me to break away from playing as much (especially after beating the original N on PC and playing many many user levels). And then one day I came across an announcement that N+ would be released for XBOX 360. I couldn't believe it and knew I had to somehow play it when it came out. And boy did I ever. I actually purchased a 360 just to obtain and play N+. So for me, N+ was a 360 system seller.

My time with the 360 sort of faded as well. I had heard that N+ for the DS was fun, but never planned on getting a handheld again especially since phones had so many gaming options now. This all changed a year ago when I decided to check out the stereoscopic 3ds with a well polished game that had great 3d visuals. I was missing the days of some good platforming and figured playing some mario on a handheld would do the trick (iPhone platformers can be pretty damn good.. LOE 1,2&3, Mikey Shorts, etc.. but I wanted something more in depth).

About 2 months ago I decided to check out what Metanet had been up to and read up on N++ and remembered at that time that N+ had also come out on the DS so I immediately went to the nearest GameStop and had them order the game for me from another store. I must admit that N on a handheld is tremendously super fun for me and I have not been able to put it down until I completed it last week. Since then I have been trying to figure out how I can play or import some of the user levels that were created when nintendo wifi direct was still alive and kicking, but have not figured anything out yet. Man I would really love to be able to play some new levels on the go. We are going to have to figure something out somehow someway...

Throughout my searching for a way to get N+ on the go I watched a few videos of the upcoming N++ and I CAN NOT WAIT to play this. This game just keeps making me come back for more and more...I am going to have to get a PS4 just to play this game. Further, if it goes vita, I will be forced to scoop that up as well! But please don't leave out the revamped 3ds if at all possible lady and gent..

I read about the graphic engine that was created just for this game as well as the fonts that were created for it. I also read about the time spent really getting the colors just the way you wanted. I obviously have not played it, but I can tell that a re energized heart and soul put some fantastic thought into N++ and the fact that you have emphasized that level share will be a major component and must be incorporated properly is making me grin ear to ear.

Side note...I am about to have my first child and recently set up her room with a medium size hd tv complete with wireless earphones in case I am holding her for hours and decide I want to check out a show or the news, I will have the option to do so without any sound from the tv to wake her. (wife does not agree with the tv in room, but I have convinced that we should give it a try and have promised I will take a majority of late night shifts if allowed... well I can tell you I have already been thinking of keeping a PS4 in there just to play N++ while feeding her or while I sit next to the crib making sure she is alright!)

Anyway, thanks to both of you for making a great game that has stood the test of time and for incorporating new ideas into it as well over the years. Also, I am happy you both had a full evolution (or Nevolution or Nevalation... hmmm lol) that working on this last one of the series was a good and positive thing. I understand that was not something you thought you were ready to do again at one point. Well I am confident that putting the final polish on the N series will allow you to move on to other project with a fond and successful memory of the N projects. I mean just think of all of the great ideas you have learned just from this last version that has made it so damn good looking and fluid. That is something you will be able to take with you to any project you want and have skills that are at the top notch of your field.

Seriously, this will bring some great pleasure to myself and many others who have enjoyed the N series. Please keep the steam on full blast until you are able to roll this version out to all the platforms (including handheld 3DS ;-) )

Many thanks again for sharing this great creation with us.
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