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Postby Sendy » 2016.10.11 (12:47)

... that you saw a death in N?

Because for me, while deaths can still be amusing, especially if you get combo'd (i.e. gauss punts you into a group of mines), when I used to first play N, I was CREASING UP over the sheer ultraviolence and slapstick comedy of the death scenes. The deaths had that universal funniness that you can only get from people and cats falling over in videos.

It's amazing that what is essentially the same joke for 10 years, can still be funny to this day! But sometimes I wish I could experience the hilarity with fresh eyes all over again.

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Postby Pheidippides » 2016.10.22 (21:51)

I can't remember exactly what happened, but I lost it playing N++ a couple weeks ago. I remember I wasn't expecting to die from the maneuver in question, but something went wrong and I got /rocked/. With all my settings tailored towards ludicrous death scenes, it was no doubt a sight to behold.

Also, have you noticed that the main menu occasionally plays /your own/ deaths in the background? I find it pretty funny when the main menu ninja dies via kill switch.
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Postby  yahoozy » 2016.11.09 (00:34)

What I remember most about N deaths early on is how much they captivated me. I'd sit and watch the entire thing, until the last limb came to a complete stop. The slapstick and viscera were both kinda lost on me as I just watched in amazement something that moved so uncannily lifelike. Physics engines in other games seemed almost superfluous in comparison—a ragdoll flops to the floor unceremoniously and it's done. N's level of physics voyeurism was so over-the-top and complete that the first few times were like watching a handmade animation, but it was happening in real time, on my computer, in a small flash game. Kinda wonderful.

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