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Postby bas3 » 2018.06.28 (20:41)

I know that I might not have had a lot notoriety as my friends LittleViking or Kablizzy the blizz bunny, or snuggles, or Gaming_wolf, or the infamous blue_tetris, but i had plenty of fun chatting with you guys about ten years ago. You were my best friends, the only real friends anyone could have asked for.
It's nice knowing this place is still thriving.

I just wanna let yall know, that you really need to research an ancient text known as the Bible, but go out of your way for historical evidence. Dr. Don Patton is good, also look up the Ipuwer papyrus. This world at it's roots is evil. Sorry.

*Also I wouldn't call what I did hacking, (considering if i wasn't so lazy I could have edited my gold time, but I didn't wanna do math, nor find what address held gold time value in that hex editor I was using) I just opened up a hex editor and messed with my .sol file. Ok yes so that /IS/ hacking. I'm not condoning that in any way, it was wrong to play in FBF and then upload my demo data to my .sol so that it would upload it to the servers. Terrible. Sorry guys.

Posts: 3
Joined: 2018.06.28 (20:29)

Postby bas3 » 2018.06.29 (13:45)

replying to my own post is usually frowned upon, but on a dead forum who cares?

Food for thought:

Thermodynamic Argument for Creation

Egyptology Vs The Bible

Out of Place Artifacts Destroy Evolution! (Dr. Don Patton)

The History and the facts about The Ark of Noah Dr. Don Patton

Scientific Evidences for a Young Earth

Worldwide Geologic Evidence of the Genesis Flood

Israel In Ancient Egypt - Archaeological Proof

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