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Postby MiBeM » 2016.09.10 (22:03)

Similarly to column speedruns in the original, I've been doing row/tab runs in N++. Leaderboards for these are available on speedrun.com in case you want to watch runs or compete. So far I have world records on the intro tab and the X row.

In related news, myself and xela have submitted the X-row to AGDQ 2017, if we're lucky we might have a race (or at least a run) there!
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Postby xaelar » 2016.09.30 (00:19)

So far we have:

MoleTrooper: 19:53
xela: 21:13

xela: 31:27

MoleTrooper: 37:34
xela: 38:32
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