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Skill toys

Posted: 2015.03.24 (15:12)
by panstromek
So... It's obvious that you guys like skill games like N (Super meat boy and some others were also mentioned...), but how about skill toys? Since these things have a lot of same aspects (both are based on accuracy), I would like to know if you anyone here do some skill toys.

I actually play yoyo a lot, but there is one different skill toy that is really popular between yoyoers and that is Kendama. Do anyone know it here? I think it could be more interesting for N players than yoyo because it just works the same way as N. You usually try one trick or combo 100 times and when you finally do all steps perfectly accurate, you finish it. Similar like highscoring in N to me :).

See it here:

I do Yoyo, Penspinning and kendama. How about you?

Re: Skill toys

Posted: 2015.03.31 (01:37)
by james_S
Long time no see Panstromek.. The way they catch the ball in that wooden thing looks therapeutic. Just to post a reply, I think learning the spear is good (nice making use of both hands, plenty of interesting moves and a spear has many advantages over a sword in open ground (bit less against sword+shield though)). As for purpose, its not like there's a purpose to kicking a round ball around a field either ..and its safe in a sense that you're not likely to be 'tempted' to use a massive weapon against other people (unlike u might be tempted if studying boxing etc)