N v.2.0 not working on mac...frustrating?

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Postby PiX3L » 2013.06.29 (03:05)

I used to play N v.1.4 for years on my Snow leopard mac. I made the big mistake of upgrading to Mac OS X lion, which didn't support powerPC/Rosetta apps. So I stopped playing for about two years and decided to come back. I saw that they had released N v.2.0 and thought they must have upgraded it from powerPC to one that can work on Mac Lion. I opened the file, but it came up with a message saying: N v.2.0 can't be opened. This is not a powerPC issue because it comes up with a different message if that was the case.

Any suggestions?? How can I report this matter directly to metanet.

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Postby 乳头的早餐谷物 » 2013.07.01 (06:13)

All I can offer is to say that Metanet are aware of the issue.
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